Step 3: Time for the Hook Up:

Clasp it all up to the magnet attached to the chain and you have yourself a swankified new necklace,
or shall I say, two new swankalicious neckalces?!

Hope you enjoyed this tut and totally send us photos of what you made (info@kandubeads.com)
and we'll feature it on our Facebook page!

until next time!

<3 KanduBeads

<p>Cool. </p>
I want this!!
wow! this is great. I have a necklace that would be perfect for this- thanks for sharing! :) <br> <br>PS. I love your pendants
Dear Lexy, you are so welcome! And I'm glad you like my pendants, I think I surprised myself, even :) <br> <br>&lt;3 <br>Alisha

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