My, your desk really is full of things!

Which is why you totally need a katamari to get everything together.  This organizer not only holds pencils and pens, but also sports magnetic ends to hold paperclips, pins or binder clips.

And if you'd rather an edible katamari...

Step 1: What You'll Need...

Clay - in lots of colors!
4" plastic ball
Plaster of Paris
Frame for plaster mold
Parchment paper

Rolling pin
Clay tools
Baking sheet
Plastic bag or wrap
Ideally, a Katamari game in progress, purely for reference purposes : )
<p>Such a cute idea!</p><p>Rolling up pencils and pens makes your ball roll lopsided for a bit. :)</p>
I love this!!!!
<div> It looks great! I like it!&nbsp;</div>
This is amazing I love katamari! :,D
I LOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEE This! Thank you for sharing so I can copy your wonderful idea!!
love it!<br>we're (me and my wife) are big katamari fans.<br>voted!
This is so cute!<br><br>Any way to make this without clay? :)
Hmm...perhaps you could put holes in a large styrofoam ball and use smaller styrofoam balls cut in half for the ends. It may not be as stable, unless you have weighty enough office supplies. Then the item you attach can be made of anything!
Great idea!<br><br>I think I'll try it.
It is quite a nice creation.Very good.Thanks very much
Oh, I love this so much! Katamari Damacy is one of my favorite games. :D

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