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Introduction: Magnetic Key Holder

I did this keyholder initially as a birthday present for a friend, but I really liked the design so I ended up making one for myself. The design is based on a magnetic connection between a small magnet hidden behind the wall-mounted plate and a steel ball attached to a triangiular acrylic keychain. The design works with very basic geometries, and I wanted to enhance the mysterious nature of the magnetic connection in the expression of the holder.
I experimented with some variations of the textures of the acrylic, leaving one plate smooth and glossy, and another "brushed" or "frosted". I personally prefere the latter as it is more smudge-resistant and has more "character".
The space between the acrylic plate and the wall is intended to give the holder a more light or floating look, but also works for hangin headphones (another item I used to constantly misplace).

If anyone is interested, I'll be glad to make an instructable for this :) just let me know in the comments



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I've been wanting one of these for a while. Even better to be able to make it myself!

did the instructible ever happen? I like this a lot!

YES! Definitely make an instructable on this, it's awesome!

You definitely should make this into an instructable. I would make this for sure!

Looks really neat! An Instructable would be great.

I agree, Please create us an Instructable.

Alright. I will look into posting an instructable for this within a couple of weeks :)

I love it there is only one thing I have a problem for placing keys in open spots. If you do have a burglary they have no problem finding your car keys. That's why I always keep my keys in my pockets at all times.

Maybe a super electromagnet with a hidden switch that you have to turn off before you can grab your keys could solve that :p. I've always wanted to build a superelectromagnet

But I love it it's a great addition to any modern house and it's very artistic and fasionable. I say Concept B+ Need A+ (Because of the amount of people who use them) Artistic Value A+