Picture of Magnetic Kissing Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals make great Valentine's Day presents. But you can make them even better by just added a couple of magnets. If you place a small magnet inside the mouths of a pair of stuffed animals, they will pull towards each other and kiss whenever they are close to each other. This is a simple project that just takes a few minutes. It is great for people who are just learning to sew. 

So here is how to make magnetic kissing stuffed animals. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here are the materials that you will need for this project

Two Stuffed Animals
Two Strong Magnets
Seam Ripper (or sharp knife)
Sewing Needle

Step 2: Select a Pair of Stuffed Animals

Picture of Select a Pair of Stuffed Animals
This project will work with just about any pair of stuffed animals. You just need to make sure that there is room behind the mouth to fit the magnets.

Step 3: Select a Pair of Magnets

Picture of Select a Pair of Magnets
For this project to be effective, you need two very strong magnets. They need to be able to attract each other through several layers of fabric. I recommend using rare earth (neodymium) magnets. You can find these in most hardware stores.
I made one and their so fun! Mine kiss the others cheeks
Haha that's cute!

Aww! That's such a great idea!