Magnetic LED Panel Light





Introduction: Magnetic LED Panel Light

For the kitchen and the bathroom I've needed a new lamp, because the one in the bathroom is to old and the one in the kitchen is now defect (I've tried to change the light tubes but the cover broke)

For the kitchen I've planed a rectangular panel light with nearly same dimensions like the old one.

For the bathroom a square shape was more suitable.

Step 1: A Plan Is Everything

You'll need:

- Thin steal sheet as a support for the magnets.

- strange looking Aluminum profile.

- (Magnets) I've first tried to recycle those, but I hadn't enough.

- PMMA sheets with a transparency of 50%

- LED stripes.

- Power supplies.

Step 2: Prepare the Magnets

This is the First time ever, that I'm cutting through something like this... I was amazed.

After that, you'll have pieces of magnets, which will fit in the aluminum profile...

I hadn't enough magnets so I ordered some... but it also works with recycled one.

Step 3: Apply the Magnets

I've created a support for the bought magnets. Therefore I've simply drilled holes in a wooden rod and placed the magnet in there. The rods then fit perfectly in the Aluminum profile.

Step 4: The Electrical Stuff

The electrical stuff is quite simple. Glue on the LED stripes and connect them with each other. To get an even light distribution, this way I've increased the operating expenses by 200%...

But it is worth it.

Step 5: Cable Passages

Quite ugly one... But nobody will see this later

Step 6: Plastic Coating

To protect the lamps against rust, I've applied a plastic coating

Step 7: Mounting

Additionally the construction under my ceiling was... just different then I've expected. So I had to open up everything, it was a lot of work and I don't want to do this again.

But the result is great.



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Nothing like a good women to drive a maker nuts! Can't ignore'em and wouldn't dare sew their lips shut for several reasons..God love'em!


A couple suggestions: it is against electrical code to store your DC adapter in the curdling space. I suggest you put a small storage space in/on your fixture somehow. Also, you should really put some kind of bushing where your wires pass through the fixture back.

other than that this looks absolutely awesome! I'm going to try this myself at home. Thanks for the instructable!

I'm so sorry for not replying for such a long time.

Bushing installed. Thanks for the advice.

And to point one, yes noticed but to late. (Furthermore see my comment under @zappenfusen)

Made a living doing this. Yes I'd get that driver in some metal preferably. Fixture or box whatever. It's your house and a great job!


I'm so sorry for not replying for such a long time.

My first idea was to place the driver somewhere else but my Wife...

Okay, I have to admit, I've hacksawed a lot of metal in my days and never ever seen any sparks from that effort ever. How did you get those sparks to appear? IDK!

I'm so sorry for not replying for such a long time.

I'm sawing a neodymium magnet. It's a really hard material.