Picture of Magnetic Meteorite Cane
Hello, This is my first Instructable. Hope you find it helpfull.

One of the most important tools needed to hunt meteorites is a Magnetic Cane. Not only does it help identify a possible meteorite it save you from constantly bending over to test the suspected rock. This is an Instructable showing how to make just such a tool. Please feel free to use my design or modify it for your own use.
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Step 1: Materials Needed and Tools

Picture of Materials Needed and Tools
Here is a list of the materials and tools needed:


1 Cane ( I used an old forearm cane found at a local trift store)
1 N42 Magnet (1"x3"x1/2")
1 Screwdriver ( That you wont mind destroying)
1 D-clip keyring
1 D-ring wire picture hanger
2 Hard Drive Magnets ( From an non-working Hard drive)
1 Roll of Duck Tape
1 Tube of Epoxy


Table Vise
Propane Torch

Step 2: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
Now you need to prepare the Cane and Screwdriver.

Start by removing the rubber stopper from the bottom of the cane. If you are using the cane that I did there should be a hard plastic piece covering the hole in the cane tube don't worry if it is missing the epoxy can fill the hole in later steps.

Next remove the handle from the screwdriver and place the steel part a quarter of the lentgh into the table vise. Heat the middle of the steel up with your propane torch. Then using your visegrips, bend the screwdriver ( making sure that there is 3 in. on the flat tip side).
the picture below is a photoshoped pic to show you what it should be like.
Great idea but meteorites aren't the only magnetic stones you'll findothers are hematite magnatite and lodestone and some types of slag
wamj5 years ago
how strong would a magnet have to be to pick up meteorites
uguy6 years ago
Do you know the percentage of meteorites which are magnetic and those which are not?
freelancer79d (author)  uguy6 years ago
99% of all meteorites are attracted to a strong magnet on a string (including stony meteorites, which contain 3-30% nickel).
freelancer79d (author) 6 years ago
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
nice, great idea.