Magnetic Monopoly





Introduction: Magnetic Monopoly

We play a lot of Monopoly at my house and I got tired of the houses and hotels bouncing around every time you roll the dice. So i thought up how to fix this problem.

What you will need

- a monopoly board (duh)
- scissors
- exacto blade
- magnetic tape
- packing tape ( or masking tape)
- 2 push pins

Step 1: The Houses / Hotels

First cut small pieces of magnets and place them on the houses and hotels. Use the exacto to trim them down to look like this.

Step 2: The Game Board

I used the push pins to mark the area to put the magnets under the board. I took a pic of the pins on the other side of the board, but they didn't look good. After marking the area, cut the magnet tape to fit, and to keep it secure use the packing tape, or whatever.

Step 3: Play

That is it, put the game board down and force your friends and loved ones into bankruptcy, without the worry of your hotels and houses flying all over the board. This is my first entry. Not that exciting, but no one else had one.....thanks for reading.



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I guess you should be careful with the polarities, since you do not want your hotels to be repelled from the table.

One question..... wont the playing pieces tend to get stuck to the magnetic tape?

So far they haven't....they used to be made out of tin, but I do believe they are now made out of aluminum, and that is a non-ferris metal. I honestly never even thought of that....good question.

Simple, elegant, useful. That's what this is all about. Great idea!

Good idea. Should try it with Scrabble too, at least then the dog won't knock it flying =D

Thanks everybody

Cool idea! The tacks was a really smart idea. Same here as sleeping_gecko, this is like common sense, but nobody ever thought of it! Great job! +1 rating.

Nice, simple idea with a genuine purpose. Good job.

Great idea! Seems like common sense, yet I bet almost no one had even thought of it before. I know I hadn't. Bet it would be nice to have this on a Risk board and pieces. Lots of tedious cutting, though. Again, great idea!