Hey all, now this is my first instructable, it's not really the same as others but it explains an idea of an instructable that can be made by anyone. I know it will be annoying but the steps aren't steps of work but they are parts of explanation of an idea that came to my mind.
The old classic idea of free energy have been around since long time ago, lots of inventors have been dedicated to this obsessive quest to construct the ultimate energy machine that will give us FREE ENERGY. Unfortunately all the designs and machines that have been made never worked, they're just there on the shelf as evidences for human obsession with control over matter and energy, some wanted to harness gravity power to give useful energy, others thought about those mysterious stones that can attract metallic objects MAGNETS, but all that isn't wrong at all, it just needed to be placed in the right place, in the right structure.

Step 1: General

Every where you look at an energy device, you see two things, conversion and GPD ( general potential difference ). Take the battery for example, it CONVERTS chemical energy into electrical energy, that produces a POTENTIAL DIFFERENCE of 1.5 volts.
Take another example, the dam that produces electricity from river water, the water level DIFFERENCE makes water flow from side to the other through the dam which turns the dynamos to CONVERT mechanical into electricity, And lots of other examples...

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