When I moved into a new apartment, I started looking for something to fill up a blank wall. Searching around the site, I was inspired by kiwisaft's Instructable "Megaposter Curtain" to make a multi panel piece of artwork that would fill up my wall.

I didn't want to have any visible means of support, so I decided to use magnets instead.

Step 1: Materials

1] An image- It needs to be high resolution, or in a format easily enlarged without loss of quality.
2] Masonite- The amount you'll need depends on the size and number of the individual panels.
3] Spray adhesive- I know, I know, aerosol is bad...
4] Small metal washers- Something magnets can get a hold of.
5] Small rare earth magnets- I used 3/8" x 1/16" round nickel plated neodymium magnets, you might go a little bigger depending on the size of your panels.
6] Small level- To make sure nothing is crooked
7] Chalk line, or high tech equivalent- To ensure your panels are all evenly spaced.
8] Thumbtacks- If at all possible, get flat head thumbtacks so the magnets will stick better.
9] Chalk- To mark your wall
10] Glue- Something that will hold a magnet to the back of your Masonite. I used Gorilla Glue, but it expands quite a bit, so I don't really recommend it.
11] Tape Measure- To lay out your wall.

Might need:

Xacto/paper cutter- To trim up your printed images, depending on the size and whether or not you printed bleeds. If you use a print company like Kinko's, you could have them do the trim work, but they'll probably charge you for it.
Thanks for posting this instructable. I saw it more than two years ago when looking for a gift idea for my older brother, who loves Calvin and Hobbes. Long story short I took a panel into photoshop and redid it at 6' x 2', so ultra hi res, and it has been sitting in my computer for those two years due to not having time to get it printed or mounted. This Christmas I have told myself the buck stops here because not only do I want to give it to my brother, I just want to see how it actual looks outside of a computer screen. Instead of breaking it up so much I am just breaking it into three panels but I am following your directions for mounting it on masonite with some possible alterations for hanging it. I just wanted to say thanks for your creativity. I'll let you know how it turns out in a few weeks.
Do you have a copy of the original image that you used?<br /> I like the way yours turned out and I want to do one exactly the same.<br />
cool work :)<br /> thanks for getting inspired by me ;)<br />
looks awesome 5 stars. Calvin and Hobbes rule<br />
i love calvin and hobbes!! matter-o-fact where did you find such a high-res picture? and whats masionite?
I actually scanned that panel from my Calvin and Hobbes book.
really?, how did you get the excellent resolution?
I just scanned it in at at a really high resolution. I forget what exactly.
Do you have a rough idea? Mine's not even close to filling up a 6x4" photoshop doc with 600 pixels/inch.
You don't have to make yours that size, it was just that big to fill up my wall.
I think he is referring to the wall (dry wall, masonry, etc.) Although the system of gluing (glueing?) magnets to a wall seems very.....wasteful and destructive. Perhaps using metal dowels / planks with sliders (for the magnets) would be simpler, and only require mounting the rails, not each magnet to the wall, but instead a slider, which could allow for new designs to be easily attached and re-shaped.
Correction, to bumpus, the masonite was the backing material for the image, not the wall material.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masonite">Masonite</a> is a dark brown fiber board.<br/><br/>And the magnets aren't glued to anything, you stick the tacks into the wall, and the magnets hold the washers to the tacks.<br/>
Try using thick magnetic vinyl. Then they'll be flexible. Metal boards can be purchased at IKEA or a variety of stores very cheap, or just find a metal door or metal surface and up they go!
great idea. I just have to work thru the software.
Yay! Calvin and Hobbes! This looks really nice. I need to put up some artwork in my new apartment and this could work.
Very nice!
It doesn't look rasterbated.
I added a close-up of part of it on step 8, so you can see what it looks like. Not so much rasterbated because I didn't use Rasterbater. More of an off-set printing/newspaper type look.
in my bed room i have sheet metal panels this would work well in my room
Sheet metal would be cool, if it's ferrous you wouldn't even need to glue washers to it.
Oooooh, very cool! I have a lot of blank space on my wall, so I want to try this out. +4.5/5 stars because I accidentally put that instead of 5. Sorry. (added to favorites)

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