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Introduction: Magnetic Note Holder | Picture "Frame"

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Salvaged internals find a new life on the outside.

1 moving part, 1 formerly moving part and a tidbit or two. It's the new Round File, and the Anti-Post-it note.

Step 1: What You'll Need

- An old hard drive, cracked with seeds, shiny and sticky parts removed (drive platters and magnets).

- 1 steel ball bearing, ~3/4" diameter.

- 1 magnet from the hard drive.
- a short piece of solid wire for hanging.


- Phillips or Torx, depending on the drive
- Cyanoacrylate glue, aka Super or Krazy Glue

Step 2: Attach the Magnet

I wanted the ball bearing to be centered at the top. Place yours wherever you like by putting the magnet on one side, the bearing on the other. (the hard drive platter won't stick to the magnet by itself).

Turn the front side so you can see it, move the magnet until the bearing follows it to the location you like.

Turn it around, add a drop of glue, lifting the magnet a wee bit if necessary to let the glue flow under the magnet.

Let it set, and hunt around on your table for that little piece of wire you know you set down there just a few minutes ago.

Step 3: Add the Wire Hanger to the Back

Twist it through each hole, making sure the wire will not show when you hang it up.

If you want to attach to a metal surface, glue another hard drive magnet, back to back. Warning! It won't be easy to remove once you've attached it!

Step 4: Add the Bearing, and You're Done.

You did set that bearing on something (like a coiled up rubber band) so it didn't roll of the table, didn't you? If not, it's probably under the drawers, in the back, nestled in that to-do list you lost 6 months ago.

Stick the bearing on, and admire your work as your new note and photo holder proudly displays your latest memories and reminders with that shiny, little sphere. Levitating, as if by magic (that's what magnetism is, isn't it?) waiting patiently to dazzle your friends and neighbors.



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    I don't get this at all. the L shaped magnet is glued BEHIND the disk thing? that means the disk itself isn't even flush to the refrigerator?; and not only that but it's lop sided because there is only one magnet? wouldn't that be like the princess and the pea syndrome X 5000? I could see how it might be cute if the platter was flush like a sticker onto the fridge, but i can't seem to grasp what you did here, and I still don't get it from the pictures.

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    Yes, the magnet is behind the hard drive platter (which is aluminum). As I mentioned in the instructable, it is a little tippy. I wanted to make the entire thing, save the bearing, from the parts of one hard drive, and couldn't find anything suitable to put below the magnet to balance it. Version 2 will have something to even it out, and better photos. If I thought it would do me any good, I'd add it to the PopSci group. ;-) No refigerator required. This is really an anti-refrigerator magnet.

    Hi, that "bearing" looks to be the size of a ball from a pinball machine. It looks too big to be from a pachinko machine (vertical pinball from Japan).


    11 years ago

    Thanks. I did not have -any- ideas for this until the afternoon of 9/30 :-\ I had some reservations about superglue, and was thinking while I did this that I was pleased I'd found an application where the stuff actually worked! It did a pretty good job leaking onto my table and fastening the tube to it as well. Alas, I knew it was borderline, actually got the post started at ~10:30 or 11 p.m., and was thwarted in the photo upload the desire to use the recommended larger image files and a very slow internet connection. I guess I should gotten my priorities in order and put off my afternoon chores!

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    Close enough! A few hours late isn't a big deal; we'll let it in.

    Thanks Eric! I promise I started it before midnight, at least an hour and a half before! I've been looking for news of the winning project, has it been decided yet? Now I'm -really- interested, since my project squeaked in under the wi, er, magnet. ;-)

    The rules say that around the 15th of October you'll receive an email.... But I've been checking every so often, just in case ;)

    And I quote from :

    "Winners will be notified via e-mail by the Contest Administrator using the e-mail address associated with their Instructables user account. Winners will be notified on or about October 15, 2006. Winners may choose whether to accept any award. The list of winners, identifying only Instructables username, will be posted on the Instructables website. If you are chosen as a winner, you will be asked to supply your name and mailing address and other details needed to transfer your prize to you. Failure to respond within 10 days will constitute a forfeiture of any award."

    Just remember to respond in time :P

    Thanks for pointing that out. What about an announcement to the Instructables world, so Instructing Minds Who Want to Know can see too? Eric? (or have I missed that too? ;-)

    Yup, missed that too: The list of winners, identifying only Instructables username, will be posted on the Instructables website... Eric, never mind. I really can read and follow instructions, though sometimes only after the fact ;-) FrenchCrawler, thanks again.

    come to think of it, the only time teh superglue has worked for me was when there were two flat hard mating surfaces, so it'll proabaly work out great. Actually, I'll take that back too. Superglue is really good at sticking skin together. Emergency sutures anybody?

    This is pretty interesting, I must say...and just on a side note: I like that the note on your fridge is from a Dilbert calendar (Wally and the Elbonians!)

    update on the hanger: - As I anticipated, it wobbles a little when pulling the ball off the front. If you slide and lift, it reduces it a bit. Still, it could use a part or two at the bottom to even out the support on the back side. Hm, maybe another magnet of the same type? I wanted to use some little piece of the hard drive parts, but in the 11th hour, could not find one the right size. As Spinach Dip mentioned, it's a great mirror, and the wobble could be used to direct the angle of view. I've done this at work, using a platter and pushpins. This could become a new instructable! I put some clear liquid auto wax on the surface to help reduce goo retention, and ease cleaning.

    Wow, you know, I really like this. The other nice thing is that the disk platter acts as a mirror. You can use that in an office enviroment to see who's standing behind you waiting for a monent to chat.

    I'd use two magnets and attach them with JB Weld epoxy (slow setting type), but only because I've had bad luck with superglue. has 1" polished stainless steel balls for < $10. (no permalinks, search for part# 9291K39

    too bad it was entered only one day late.