A magnetic photo wire is a great way to display photos, cards, drawings or anything you can think of.  

I made a lot of these as cheap christmas presents that everyone loved.

Step 1: Ingedients

To make magnetic photo wires, you will need the following objects:

* Some sort of steel wire, I used PVC Coated Galvanised Wire Rope.
* Sinkers, I used 4oz Snapper sinkers
* Zip ties
* Heat Shrink Tubing
* Super Glue
* Clear Coat
* Neodymium Magnets 6mm x 1.5mm

* Rotary tool
* Hacksaw
* Drill
* Scissors
* Razor Blade
* Lighter
* Wire Cutter

Safety Equipment:
* Ear Plugs
* Goggles
* Mask
no mention of the magnets or placement ?
I have added info on the magnets and included a photo showing how I placed them. Thanks for letting me know.
Nice Job
Judging by the picture, it seems you're supposed to use a magnet to attach each picture to the wire...
Sorry about that, I left it too long between making them and writing this instructable and they completely slipped my mind. I have updated the instructable to include them. Thanks :)

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