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Introduction: Magnetic Pick

As a beginner guitar player, I'm very annoyed that my picks just disappeared every time I paused strumming for a few moments.

Step 1: What I Used

It's a short list of things I needed, to make my pick magnetic:

-a pick

-a small rare earth magnet (I got it from rolling paper packet, but you can buy them online or some craft stores.)

-a drill bit with the same diameter as your magnet

-a cordless drill

-some superglue

Step 2: Measuring

There's not much to say. It's 5mm in my case.

Step 3: Drill the Hole

Drill the hole somewhere in the middle of the upper half of the pick.
Be careful if you use a very thin pick not to break them.
I used a piece of scrap under the pick to support it.

Step 4: Fit It In

Just push the magnet in. In my case it was a very snug fit, so I think it would have been good to go.

If it's too snug, or you don't get it in, you can use some sandpaper to make the hole a bit bigger.

Step 5: Secure With Some Glue

As I said, I think the snug fit would hold it, but I wanted to be sure, so I applied some superglue and set it to dry.

Step 6: Get Started

Well, it's finished. Start playing, and if you stop, just put it on your E string, or a screw, or wherever it will stick to your guitar, or bass, or ukulele, or whatever.



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    I love simple ideas that make you smack your forehead & ask "why didn't I think of that!"

    I wonder if it'd slip out of your fingers whilst playing & try & stick to the strings.... brilliant idea, thanks for sharing

    Great Idea ! I have been making my own guitar picks for quite some time . When I was a kid , and couldn't afford to buy them , I would cut up pieces of an old plastic bottle into the right shape . Since then I have made them out of bronze from an old broken cymbal from my drum set . sheet brass , and some other materials . My favorite ones are made from .005" ( .127mm ) stainless steel shim stock ( scrap pieces left over from doing machine alignment ) .Just cut them out with tin snips or scissors to the desired shape , and use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges .

    Cheers , take care , and have a good day !! 73 to all

    2 replies

    I love the idea of bronze picks! I love bronze. But I think they only work well on steel strings. A steel shim would chew up your nylon strings pretty fast.

    The stainless steel shim stock I used is flexible and springy , more flexible than a plastic pick . ( bronze picks are really stiff ) It was made by ALOMA :
    It can be purchased from McMaster Carr , and other vendors . When I was doing precision machine alignments , I would trim the shim stock to the proper size , and the left over pieces I would use to make picks . All of my guitars have steel strings , I haven't played one with nylon strings in years . They have a good sound , but the type of music I play , the nylon strings don't fit in , Oh well , to each his own .
    Cheers , take care , and have a good day ! 73 to all

    This is a very good idea! I'm fed up with picking them up from the floor or even worse, losing them altogether...

    2 replies

    well, if you attach the pick to your strings, it can fall of if you move the guitar too fast, especially if you play on nylon strings, which are only wrapped in steel. I found out that the screws on my guitar hold them really well. Try to find the right spot. Or glue a magnet to the neck of your guitar.

    I play an electric guitar, so the string material is not a problem. But... the idea of a magnet on the guitar's neck is very good. I'll definitely try it :) Thanks for yours ideas!

    Great idea! Does the added magnetic flux into the string affect tonal quality ;)

    1 reply

    I'm sorry but I don't know, only own two acoustic guitars.