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Introduction: Magnetic Poster Holder

If you are anything like me, and have fair number of posters, you undoubtly have asked yourself 'what is the best way to put posters on the wall?'

I have used thumbtacks... but I'm too anal-retentive to tolerate the hole in my posters.
Then I moved on to sticky tacks... but they tend to fall off and leave oil stains on my posters. Still intolerable.
I settled with poster hanger for awhile now.They seem to work fine.. but I found out they also leaves marks where hanger was clamping on the posters and hard to keep still. Whenever I fluffed my blanket or jumped onto my bed, they moved around and, sometimes, fall.

So as I was contemplating possible solution for my dillema, I came up with an idea: Magnetic Poster Holder.

You don't really need anything complicated to 'make' magnetic poster holder.
You need
1. Thumbtack
No push-pin will not work. It needs to be flat head, metal thumbtack.
The picture shown is somewhat round headed.. I just couldn't find flat head one but I presume flat head will work better.

2. Magnet
Any magnets strong enough to hold poster will work. I found these magnets at Walmart. Yes, these are probably more expensive than regular disk magnets, but they will be easier to take off.

3. Poster of your liking.

Step 1: Put on Thumbtacks

First you need to put thumbtacks on your wall.
Make sure they are positioned such that they will be located on the corners of your poster

Step 2: Put on Magnets

Once you put thumbtacks on your wall, carefully position your posters above the thumbtacks, and use magnet to hold the posters.

Step 3: Voila You Have Magnetic Poster Holder

Once you put on magnet on all four corners, all you have left to do is to sit back and enjoy your posters.

The magnets I tried held conventional size posters without any problem.
If you have specifically large posters, or if you want to expand this idea to some other wall hangings, I recommend using more than just four magnets.



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    i have never ordered anything online...and i live in do they deliver our orders here??? or is it only for US?

    does anyone know where can i get neodymium magnets online???

    1 reply

    Someone took this idea to market already...

    1 reply

    yeah, i've seen different products that does this. If fact, I actually bought some from the container store.

    I'm probably not the first one to thought of the idea... but I didn't see anything like this back in 2007 when I came up with this idea... maybe I should've patented the idea or something... oh well

    I didn't bother to look around before I posted something pretty much the same. If you haven't found flat tacks or flatter magnets I posted the links to where I got mine in the requirements section.

    That is truly a great idea and now I have a smart low cost suggestion to offer to my clients. Now for those of you who've ruined your previous posters, why not get them replaced, or heck, just buy some new ones from my site? Check out over 40,000 movie posters available at

    You know what would be cool? I saw some magnetic primer at Lowes and I thinnk that would be a cool permanent solution. It would be very expensive to do an entire room though

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    Hmmm.... looked on youtube and found several vids of the paint. wonder if its strong enough to hold large posters

    hmmm i encountered a similar delimma, but i dont like stuff on the front of my posters. the sticky tabs worked great for me, and they dont leave any residue or damage the wall or poster. have u tried the ones u get with the cheap coat hangers?

    if you are poking holes through the wall, why don't you just use pushpins?

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     because the point is not to poke holes through the posters ^^^

    and also, you can change the poster without taking the pins of and puting them again, wich would propaply make 4 holes more in the wall

    This is great!  You have just solved the age old dilemma of hanging posters.  Never again will I use tape, push pins, or sticky tack.
    (I never used sticky tack anyway, because it stains the poster and the wall)

    Great idea. I'm using this to hold a poster I had made from a picture I took. This means no holes, no frame with glare, and no swaying like bar hangers. I think this is going to be my new default solution for hanging pictures.

    I was thinking about something like this for hanging pictures on the wall but wanted to make it movable and thought painting the walls with magnetic paint might work better than putting the tacks in. Krylon makes a spray paint and magic wall makes a regular roll/brush on paint. I plan on trying this soon.

    I have metal doors in my house, I use my magnets to hang posters to my metal doors and appliances at my house. This isn't practical for anyone except a bachelor tho.

    One of the more innovative ideas I've heard of for the practical person (not complicated like the water from toilet idea (which was very smart, but not for the layman per say...), and especially for those of us who love posters. I personally couldn't bear to stab a Marilyn or Bettie (poster anyway), so had to buy poster frames. But this is sheer genius!

    great idea!! as an art teacher i can't stand poking holes in posters or student art work....and wouldn't you know i have tons of flat head tacs that i don't use because i hate getting them out of the walls....great and simple solution

    This is definitely one of the coolest things ever! None of my posters are pristine anymore thanks to damnable hanging strategies plus moving around every 6 months or so. A wonderful, elegant solution to a bastard of a problem for those of us too cheap to actually frame anything.