Step 8: Assemble the cube.

Picture of Assemble the cube.
Start with the core and bring the centers into contact with it. Make sure to get the right sides in the right place. The sum of any face and it's opposite face should be 7, and if the 1 face is on top, and the 2 face is towards you, the 3 face should be to the right and 4 to the left.

Next place the edges, and lastly the corners.

And that's it. Turn your cube and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.
it wont fully work, when you rotate to some patterns it will fall apart
you obviously dont understand how it works.
calebman4 years ago
WOWWWW!!!!!!!!!! EXCELNT!!!!! MY RESPECTS!!!!!
Wow, that is awesome.
fastback5707 years ago
I am wondering if a 2 fluted end mill would work better esp. if the magnets are cylinder shaped. One thing I'd like to see is how do you figure out how to put the magnets so that pos+ lands to neg-. Do you start out with the positives all facing out from the center?
burzvingion (author)  fastback5707 years ago
I don't have a mill, so I can't really say if it would work better or worse, but I'm fairly certain it would work, at least somewhat. As far as the magnets, I think I covered the polarities pretty thoroughly in step 1.
How about using a spade bit such as: http://www.mytgtools.com/product.php?item=WSJ008002 ? This way the hole would have straight edges clear to the bottom instead of tapered - perfect for cylindrical magnets.
henryblaze5 years ago
OK thanks this was WAY more clear than gfixler's tutorial.
Jraxo6 years ago
im fully gonna buy some magnets and dice !!!!
norge226 years ago
How many cubes did you make before you got it right.
im wondering about the smoothness of the movements, it seems as though the magnets might restrict fluid movement and snap back to positions, so how well do the sides move?
sicesp6 years ago
There is a contradiction above. If the sum of a face and the opposite face = 7, then having 3 to the left means to the right you should have 4. Side 2 is toward you, then 5 will be away in the back and 6 on the bottom. See photos no. 4 and 5: side 3 is adjacent to side 5.
burzvingion (author)  sicesp6 years ago
Yep, you're right. I'm not sure what happened there. I must have been kinda out of it when I wrote that. Should be fixed now.