Picture of Magnetic Shower Curtian Closure
This is a simple and cheap (>$15) addition you can make to any shower curtain to help you keep it closed when needed. This can help keep water in or just leave the shower area looking cleaner.
You can also use this same technique for any screen or sheet you have hanging to break up the space in your house.
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Step 1: Equip me(nt)

Picture of Equip me(nt)
For this you will need
Magcraft sells very strong small rare earth magnets for low prices, I bought 24 half inch magnets for $8 + $5 S/H Product NSN0640, they have a 2.5Lb pull, totaling 5Lbs. when you put two together. Id recommend something in that range as weaker magnets, that you might get at a supermarket or the like, might not have enough pull to do much. Speaking from personal experience, I threw away one shower curtain with a strip of cheap magnets that hardly kept the shower closed.

A clamp
$1 from dollar store

$1dollar store again

$1 from dollar store. You might be able to tell I live down the block from Jack's, the biggest dollar store in Manhattan

Step 2: Marking the spot

Picture of Marking the spot
With your tough little fingers, pry loose two magnets from a stack and let them come together.

Mark the back of these magnets, this way you know which side to face them, either dot-to-dot or blank-to-blank
patty1h4 years ago
I tried this but the magnets eventually fell off of my shower curtain. I'd like to share another method I found to stop water from spilling over the edge of my tub. I bought a couple of small microfiber cloths - I found some that are the size of a washcloth. They're advertised to be super absorbent. I just lay one on the back of the tub where the shower curtain gaps. It soaks up any water that tries to escape and keeps my floor & bath mat dry. After you're done showering, just hang the cloth over the rod or showerhead until needed.
i'm shocked how often i just happen to come across solutions for problems i was having the previous day on this site. this is a great instructable, thank you!
matbh6 years ago
nice! i hate to dry the bathroom after the shower! thanks for saving me
This is a surprisingly good idea. Kudos!
rimar20006 years ago
I adhere the shower curtain to the wall using just water. This is very effective, easy, fast and free. Anyway, this is a good instructable.