Magnetic Skateboard Wall Hanger





Introduction: Magnetic Skateboard Wall Hanger

Are you a longboard or skateboard collector ? You want to showcase and store your boards collection in an elegant way ? Then 3D print these magnetic holders !

I was looking for an easy solution to hang nicely my longboards and cruisers collection. I also wanted to have to graphics side visible and a discrete hanging system. Since I often use magnets in office (it is made from a freight container), I asked myself if it was possible to hang a board vertically, with strong magnets placed on the bolts...

This my first instructable and entry for the 3D Printing contest, don't forget to vote if you like it ;-)

Step 1: Materials

This is want you will need :

- 8 x strong neodynium magnets, axially magnetized.

For metric system : 15mm diameter and 8 mm height

For imperial system : 9/16 diameter and 3/8 height

You can easilly find it online. For example here

- 2 x 3D printed Holders. You can download the files here :

For metric system : here

for imperial system : here

I printed mine at a local Hub in Black PLA.

- Strong epoxy glue

I used the 2-K from UHU

- Screws for the fixture on the wall

- 4 x Screws and wall plugs

I used 4mm Diameter Spax

Step 2: Gluing the Magnets

After mixing the epoxy resin with the hardener, just put enough of the mixture in the holes, as shown on the picture.

Now it is time to insert the magnets.

Beware : These are strong but fragile magnets. You have to handle it with care !

Place carefully the magnets in each holes and clean the excess of glue, if any.

The trick to have the four mangets planar is the turn the holder upside down while drying.

Usually, the curing time for epoxy is about 12 hours at room temperature. Colder environments requires more time ! Check the glue datasheet then.

Step 3: Mount the Holders on the Wall

Step 4: Step 4 : Enjoy Your "floating" Skateboard Wall

When you are done with the mounting, just grab your favorite board for a ride !

Note : You can see here my beloved Z-Flex bought in Venice Beach, souvenir from my Californian trip last year..



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Hi can u make me one & I will pay for it?thats awesome I need one & want one but I would not know how to do that


Hi, looking to recreate this project (not in the exact same way as I have no access to a 3D printer). I'm a complete DIY noob -- in the UK and looking for magnets which will work for my board.

How will I know how strong the magnets need to be? My board is relatively heavy.

Nice! It surprises, me every time how strong these magnets are!

Reasonably good design, but I thought it was audacious to be charging for it, if you want to promote it freely here.

I mean, the design isn't even very optimized.

I'm not against you making money for sophisticated projects and ideas, but there's so much good will that comes from sharing this and so little profit from trying to sell it.

Not surprised other people made a free design in a jiffy that is the same thing....

I did a version of this. Feel free to download : . Great Instructable!

I cant get my hands on 15x8mm magnets here in Malaysia , so I got some 15x5mm ring magnets instead .... hope it works

I wish there was a way to do this without 3D printing :( Any ideas? Also...could it be hung horizontally? Does it really matter how the board is oriented on the wall?

Yes, it also works with wood. I have made the first prototypes with. The 3D Printed version is just more precise and easier to build.

The matter how the board is oriented doesn't plays a big role. Horizontally works also fine !


I'm very interested, but before I buy the drawing, I'd like to know how many cm³ or in³ it uses so I can estimate my costs.

Love this idea! Great work!