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You've probably seen the ooey gooey wondrous simplistic invention that is borax slime. And even being the great easy-to-make project that it is, every one that you see is the exact same as the rest! So I thought to myself, how can I make it better? And then it came to me, I have to make it COME ALIVE!!... Well, sorta... by creating a new recipe and applying magnetic force to it, I could create the illusion of being alive. So I ordered some supplies online and got to work!

Step 1: Materials

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-Borax Detergent

-2 Bowls

-2 Spoons for mixing

-1/2 cup Measuring cup

-tsp Measure

-Glow in the dark fabric paint (You can use anything for this really, food coloring, paint, etc. If you can get a hold of magnetic paint you wouldn't need the iron oxide, you would just replace this paint with the magnetic paint. I just chose Glow in the dark paint because Slime that glows is probably the coolest slime :) )


-Elmer's Glue 5 fl oz

-Black Iron Oxide (Fe3O4)

-Neodymium Magnets (Rare Earth Magnet/ Metal)

Step 2: Borax Mixture

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Borax Mixture:

For the first half of the slime, the borax mixture, you will need 1 cup of water and 1/2 tsp Borax. Mix these together very well, enough to where all the Borax is dissolved into the water. This will be the activating ingredient for the second half of the slime.

Step 3: Glue Mixture

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Glue Mixture:

The Second half of the slime is where all the fun happens! It's where you get to customize your slime with colors and all sorts of stuff!

To make this step, mix 1/2 cup water and 5 fl oz of Elmer's glue. Once you have a nice consistency, add how ever much paint or whatever you are using to your mixture to get the desired color. Due to my glow in the dark paint being white as well as my mixture, I tested its glow-ability in the dark to get my preferred glow (Sadly I lack a decent camera that can pick up on the glow of the slime in the dark, so as long as you can see your own glow, then you should be good! :) ).

Step 4: Finishing the Slime

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To finish off your slime just pour the Borax mixture into the Glue mixture and mix them together. When you feel like you are getting to where you can't mix them anymore just drain out the remaining water and your slime is done! For those of you who don't have the iron oxide or neodymium magnets this here is your finished product! However if you are to get them sometime don't worry you can still magnetize them later.

Step 5: Magnetizing the Slime

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To magnetize the slime is actually pretty easy. Just take a small piece of slime and flatten it out, next put just a little iron oxide on it. To mix this in fold the sides in on itself. Repeat until you get the same shade of grey over the whole thing. Apply more iron oxide if needed to achieve a dark grey color. When you have the dark grey color you are completely done with your Magnetic Slime! Now its time to test it.

Step 6: The Slime's Alive!

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Now that you have your Magnetic Slime completed, stick your magnet next to it and watch it come alive!! Since this is a Borax Slime it will be pretty jumpy, but hey I think that's better than a silly putty one that hardly seems like its moving.

You can manipulate the slime in many ways including pulling tentacles from it, dragging it up the side of cup or bottle, or even dropping the magnet in it and letting it engulf it in seconds!

This stuff is very cool and I thought it put a good twist on regular ole' Borax slime. It is also a good family project and a great way to get kids interested in the wonders of magnetism! Thanks for reading and good luck on making your Magnetic Slime!


AmazinglyZaina (author)2017-03-18

What can you substitute for Iron Oxide? Also, can you use normal magnets?

Iron filings, like from a brake rotor lathe.

Missiepad (author)2017-06-06

Where can I purchase these supplies

Thirty YearsT (author)Missiepad2017-11-04

You're local mechanic or auto parts store has a bucket of iron filings. That'll give it to you for free.

BoondaPhD (author)Missiepad2017-10-28

Online duh

B_____Squared (author)Missiepad2017-07-17

The powder might be hard to find from a local store. You might find it near kids science kits in the educational section.

Search "magnetic powder" on Amazon and you'll find a couple options.

As far as magnets, HomeDepo has a variety in store

BoondaPhD (author)2017-10-28


Hypathie made it! (author)2017-06-27

My son and I had great fun with this project: thanks for the tutorial. They sell that stuff for $15 at the local toy store!

JanZ37 (author)2017-01-28

Is this safe for children? My nephews are 6 and 8.

.F (author)JanZ372017-06-08

The craze of borax slime is actually not safe. They did a few news stories on them

.F (author).F2017-06-08

Read more on borax safety concerns here

NeilRG (author)JanZ372017-02-12

the ingredients are not toxic but neodymium magnets are NOT for young children. They are brittle and if they are allowed to fly together they can chip and spark and the chips are sharp. There have been some serious problems with kids swallowing small neodymium magnets which attract to each other through intestinal walls requiring surgical intervention.

Given the relatively fluidity of this compound you could work with ceramic magnets. They are less powerful in a given size, cheaper and relatively safer than neodymium

osterac made it! (author)2017-06-07

Really Cool! I made the magnetic stuff. I ended up having to add extra borax, but other than that no problem. Comes out really nicely and doesn't stick to your hands, so cleanup is too bad. You can use a blob of slime to blot up the other loose bits of slime.

osterac (author)osterac2017-06-07

meant to say cleanup ISN'T too bad

morgan_moreland (author)2017-04-19

I like it alot

rainingfiction (author)2017-03-28


acolon11 (author)2017-03-23

Cool Can you make Anything else

sanjurules (author)2015-08-20

do you need to use Elmer's glue

zachmarkham (author)sanjurules2017-01-19


maddie21 (author)2016-11-30

so cool

G Sweet (author)2016-05-19

Have you done a video on this?

Mollcoo (author)2016-02-22

how am I ment to get this stuff

HarryF24 (author)Mollcoo2016-05-09

It's actually easier than you think. Just look up all the things online or at Amazon. It's bound to have everything you'll need. Have fun!

Mollcoo (author)2016-02-22

I am from the uk

pachytrance (author)2015-12-29


Panda_Creeper12 (author)2015-10-13

sweet! I love it! Can you make a video of it in action?

sanjurules (author)2015-08-20

do you need to use Elmer's glue

katkitty99 (author)2014-12-01

i made was so FUN to make ^-^

Kbaccus (author)2014-10-06

Do you have to use the glow paint

Asamati98 (author)Kbaccus2014-11-01

No I just chose it so the majority of the slime, the part I didn't magnetize, would glow in the dark. It doesn't effect the magnetic slime.

katkitty99 (author)Asamati982014-12-01

cool that answerd my question

katkitty99 (author)katkitty992014-12-01

does it have to have a certain color?

Asamati98 (author)katkitty992014-12-01

Nope. You can do it without any dye.

katkitty99 (author)2014-12-01


JonathanY (author)2014-11-18


jackmaster (author)2014-10-22

I love this

clare.roberts.39982 (author)2014-08-13

when you say 'cup' what exactly doyou mean. our mixture was great until we tried to mix in the ferrous oxide when it all crumbled into pieces, so i'm wondering why ? desperate to get this going ! also. i have 1 11kg pull earth magnet. is that enough of a magnet or need more pull? thanks so much :)

The standard cup measurement. And also i've found that if you don't use name-brand materials it tends to lessen the quality (my second attempt at this I tried to use generic school glue and I used all the measurements above and it seemed pretty runny compared to the name-brand one). Are you using Elmers school glue and 20 Mule team borax?

mlee wei (author)2014-08-05

lawl i made one its so awesome but realized dat if u put the magnet in too long the iron fillings or oxide will stick to the magnet and you hav mix dem again

terezi413 (author)2014-07-14

So did it glow in the dark?

Soup Sammich (author)2014-06-18

oh ...... myglob this is SO COOL

creativity123 (author)2014-06-18

Wow! This is really cool!

jwhitley (author)2014-06-06

To be clear, this isn't actually "magnetizing" the putty, it's making it ferromagnetic which means that it becomes a temporary magnet in the presence of a magnetic field. The putty itself is not magnetic and will not exhibit magnetic properties.

Asamati98 (author)jwhitley2014-06-06

Good point, although ferromagnetic is not a common term. So in layman's terms you could just call it magnetic. Thanks for pointing that out to me though.

SenKat (author)2014-06-06

Another awesome use of Borax ! Thanks for sharing, great work, nice pics.

jhawkins14 (author)2014-06-05

This is really cool!

Asamati98 (author)jhawkins142014-06-05


SherpaDoug (author)2014-06-05

Would other colors of iron oxide work as well? Ebay shows "Iron Oxide" in black, red, ocre, yellow, brown, and green. All claim to be Fe2O3.

Asamati98 (author)SherpaDoug2014-06-05

No actually when I ordered my Iron Oxide (Fe3O4), they mistakenly gave me an extra pound of Red Iron Oxide. I tried putting my neodymium magnets to it and it had no effect, this Red Iron Oxide was Fe2O3 and had no magnetic properties. I looked it up and I think Red Iron Oxide is just glorified rust... So if you want to look for different colors try looking for Iron Oxide with the Fe3O4 label on it.

j450nn014n (author)2014-06-02

Looks great. I was wondering how to find a better way to explore magnetism with children. Of course I use larger unswallowable magnets. I use slime, but never thought of this one. Great idea.

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