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Renting a bedsit was challenging regarding storage and what your allowed to do. As I have disabilities I am challenged to make anything. I have found many useful tips here on instructables, so I would like to share mine.

There was only one cupboard for pantry items and we all know how small items like spices can take up room. I came across many sites that requied a lot of tedious steps or purchasing extra products.

Here is a simple magnetic spice holder.

Step 1: Deciding on Spice Jars

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Trying not to have mismatched spice jars can be challenging, i found these light weight spice jars with a clear view window in a discount store and took everyone off the shelf.

Try not to buy heavy jars.

Searching for ideas I liked the idea of chalkboard paint; I tend to change spices several times a year.

I painted 4 coats of acrylic chalkboard paint. I found this to be very watery so I used a coat of chalk beneth the last layer and this made a huge difference.

Step 2: Process

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First of all out of habit I cleaned the outside of my project with vinegar then painted the jars. I glued 3 small magnets to the top of each jar, two may have been enough. Purchased from

I tried these on the side and front of the fridge and they just did not look right. So I tried to work out the cheapest way to put them on the kitchen side wall.

I was cooking muffins and it dawned on me the pan might be magnetic, walla! So my next visit to the supermarket I bought an inexpensive biscuit tray that is already in black for AU $5.00.

I decided to have them suspended above the stove instead of cluttering bench space.

Step 3: Items Used

Spice jars
Chalk Paint
Double sided tape
Paint brushes
Biscuit tray

Step 4: Completion

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I decided to attach the tray to the underside of the overhead cupboard using doublesided tape. In the event of moving I can prise this away and clean the tape off using a hairdryer.

I did allow the tape to adhere to the cupboard for 24 hours before attaching the tray. I then used a breadboard and pot to apply pressure and support the adhesion overnight.

I then simply put up my spice jars and project is complete.


RowanCant (author)2016-01-23

So easy, but really so super handy. I think I've seen the idea before, but it never struck me as being as simple as this. I'm sure there would be some guy somewhere trying to create a version of this that requires a 3d printer and laser cutter.

NinetteP (author)RowanCant2016-01-23

You are correct many versions. However they mostly tell you to get a sheet of gal (would have costed me AU $20), and you have to protect the edges. The reason I posted is that we forget there are cheaper alternatives inside the home.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-01-22

Great way to keep spices organized.

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