Step 5: Finished Spice Rack

Picture of Finished Spice Rack
For my spice rack I decided to stick all the tins to the front of my refrigerator.  There is room for 70 tins; 80 if I cram them a touch closer.  With the neodymium magnets they don't budge a bit when you open or close the door, no matter how hard you try.

Instead of your refrigerator door you could also stick them to a sheet of tin hung from the wall, strips of metal affixed to the inside of your cabinet doors or a magnetic whiteboard.

MonicaK15 months ago

I thank you for the link to the affordable containers. I want to put them on the back of my pantry door, but am worried about the lids on the containers staying on tight. you mentioned the containers don't move from slamming the freezer door, but do you have any issues with the containers themselves staying closed? The lids do not screw or twist closed, correct?

ReeseLloyd (author)  MonicaK15 months ago
The lids on those particular tins don't screw on, but they do fit tight. I never had one pop off even on the few of them that I dropped.
Beechcreek2 years ago
You could save time and maybe even money and buy magnetic spice tins.
Wow.  That's a lot of spices.  Looks great.  "Cept my fridge is stainless steel and it won't hold magnets!  Where do you get the tins????  Thanks.
Have you tried the side of your refrigerator? The front on my refrigerator is stainless steel but the side isn't. That's where I put my spices - in closed containers with twist off tops (to solve the clogging problem) and using magnetic tape instead of glue-on magnets.
ReeseLloyd (author)  metalgrannie5 years ago
Thanks!  That's interesting about your fridge.  Stainless should hold magnets quite well.  Tins came from Specialty Bottle -> http://www.specialtybottle.com/index.asp?PageAction=Custom&ID=39
Steel is a mixture of several different metals chiefly iron.
Stainless steel is steel with 10.5% chromium added.
Some steel has carbon added to make it stiffer and others have nickel added.
Nickel makes to steel non-magnetic but isn't added to all stainless.

Great ible. I plan to duplicate it.

ca1803 years ago
Too bad in my house here in Germany our refrigerator is enclosed in a cabinet.

Great DIY! Thanks!
blopez4 years ago
love the instructable. Just sent for the tins, the magnets have already arrived.
However, with the clear tops on the cans, I'd suggest storing them on a metal sheet inside the cupboard doors because light is also hard on spices.
Spice rack5 years ago
I really like how you organize things on the picture with the spice rack. It's clean, accessible and well organized. great post!
VioletGray5 years ago
This is so ... well I want to find a better word but... pretty! This is just so pretty!
geco VioletGray5 years ago
may be the word is beatiful or artistic maybe? XD
VioletGray geco5 years ago
artistic is more for what does't fit in the traditional sense or beautiful
Watching this makes my eyes feel happy ^^