Looking for spice storage can be extremely frustrating. (Too big! Not enough jars! Don’t even think of taking up my counter space!) So I schemed up my own more flexible storage system. And it’s sooooo simple: just tins, glue and magnets. Ample (and attractive) spice storage can be found on your wall or fridge, leaving your cupboards and counter blessedly free of those pesky little spice tubs. And did I mention that storing your spices in tins will help them keep their flavor longer than in glass or plastic jars?

The full  writeup is also available at my blog, kitchen table scraps along with lots of other foodie nonsense including how to store spices to maintain their quality.

Step 1: Decide where to locate your spice rack.

First, pick a location for your spices. Mine works great on large, exposed side of my fridge, but that may not work for your kitchen. If you buy a cheap metal shelf support, your spices could be organized in a line almost anywhere in your kitchen. You absolutely need to think about accessibility and appearance when deciding where to put your spices, but also think about heat. Opaque tins will keep your spices safe from light damage, but exposure to heat can be equally damaging. So avoid placing your spices near your oven or on a wall that gets hours of direct sunlight.
<p>I have spent so much time on the net searching for a better way to store spices and am so tired of seeing those sprawling whirly-gig things being offered. Not only is this the best method but the beautiful labels turn it into an art form. Oh I am inspired!</p>
<p>I'd check american science &amp; surplus first.</p>
I love your idea. It's simple and yet so clever and solves a problem many of us with minimal cabinet space have. I'm going to go with the tins and magnets and attach them to the side of my refrigerator that faces my stove so they are in easy reach.
<p>This is SO SMART!!!!</p><p>Take a bow kitchentablescraps... we are clapping.</p><p>I use a lot of spices! I have three shelves of my pantry closet full of spices! This will help me!!!</p>
<p>The tins I see are not very air-tight. I would think the spices would not keep well and powdered ones would leak out.</p>
Seems to me you can just insert a magnet into the inside of the can and avoid the gluing all together. I don't think it would harm the spices to have it inside and it's strong enough to make the tin stick to whatever you are using to put it up.
<p>If the tins are made of steel the magnet will lose much of its strength going through the steel. For non-ferrous metals (aluminum) this may work fine.</p>
Where, online or off, might I find these tins?
I love this spice rack. Can you tell me how to make the exact labels that you made?? This is brilliant! <br>
what font did you use for your labels?(:
I love your labels. It solves the problem of not having clear front tins (to protect the spices from the light) and ending up with plain old tin tops to look at. Your labels solve the &quot;unattractive&quot; problem. <br> <br>Also, why does everyone glue magnets to the tins? I just used magnetic tape where I cut a square of tape, peeled off the back, then affixed to the back of the tin. The glue on the tape holds firmly and it's much easier to apply.
I did this and it worked, but the problem was for some reason they kept falling off the strip. so I had to line them up along the back of my stove. might try a different magnet or something or even add an extra one. <br> <br>but those little party favor tin cans with the see threw lids worked great. <br> <br>I still love this idea.
Where did you get your magnets and tins from?
I do believe that this is a fantastic idea to organize all those spices once may get.. I will have to get some tins and some pictures... Though I am thinking of getting pictures that are of the actual spice though this is very lovely as well. I have yet to know just yet. Will have to look for the supplies and see what I decide :D Thanks for the lovely idea. This looks way better than a bunch of metal tins sitting on the fridge or on the wall above the counter :D
you know I have a bunch of those see threw tins that were on sale at wally world for 5 bucks that they use for party favors, I wonder if they would work as well...I got like 20 of them in a box.
may i ask where you got your labels? or did you make them yourself? they look absolutely stunning!
I did make the labels, and thanks!<br> <br> A couple of other people had asked about where I got the botanical illustrations. In the comments section after <a href="http://kitchentablescraps.com/storage-and-organization/magnetic-spice-rack/">the original blog pos</a>t, I replied with a few tips for hunting down good botanical illustrations if you're interested. :)<br>
oh! wow! you almost had me fooled. i was so convinced that they were professionally done!
they were professionally done, by her...lol just teasing.
I go for the &quot;nerdy&quot; labels also. Just great to look at.
This is a GORGEOUS magnetic spice rack! Well done. I can't wait to see more of your projects!
Thanks! I've always got more projects in the hopper-- happy to spread the DIY love.

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