If you'd like to find a spice rack to hold all of your different kinds of spices but, you don't want to buy all new spices, here's an idea that worked like magic for me : )

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this project, you're going to need:
1 hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
1 pack of 50 round magnets
6 pencil holder organizers

Two extra tips about this idea. 1) The best jars to keep spices in are those made from brown or dark coloured glass as direct sunlight weakens their potency. You can buy these from Household Goods shops. <br>2) Measure the base of the base of your racks to ensure that your spice jars fit into them to avoid the expense of purchasing something which is incorrect size for your needs.
Where'd you get the little bins? I've been all over the place. Thanks.
THANK YOU! Living in rented accomodation (so unable to drill anything), unable to find a hanging rack that doesn't impinge on anything else and already cramped for space in the cupboards I have been wracking my brain for a solution to this problem. However, you have just provided it! Thank you so, so much - I can't wai to put mine together!
Typically, you can choose something that would fit your budget. And that would really maximize your spice rack space. nice post by the way.
Where exactly did you get those magnets?&nbsp;What kind are they?<br />
Love this idea. Going to do make it over the weekend. Thanks so much for the simple alternative to the under the&nbsp;cabinet/shelf magnetic spice rack! :-)
Sweeeeeeeeeet!!!! :0)
Cool space saver.<br />

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