Step 3: Salvage the magnet.

Picture of Salvage the magnet.
Sorry I dont have pictures for the steps on how to extract the magnets.

1. Get the old harddrive and remove the screws from the casing.
2. Locate the magnets and unscrew them from the casing.
3. Use pliers to hold the piece of metal attached to the magnet, the magnets have some kind of glue holding them down, adding to amazing strength these little things have.
4. What you want to do is bend in two directions so that the magnet comes off the base.
fr05ty9115 years ago
do you have to use the magnet out of a hard drive or can it just be any magnet??
zygo916 years ago
Another way that helps remove (although I don't know if its safe) is to get a lighter and apply some heat to the part that isn't' the magnet. it seems to lessen the apoxy
jarp877 years ago
do you know other magnets source? i wanted to put two magnets in the fan but i broked one..duh