Introduction: Magnetic Sugru Cable Holders

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At work I have a metal filing cabinet next to my desk. I've tried using adhesive cable holders, but they eventually fail. Sugru to the resuce! Using some magnets and a straw I made 3 magnetic cable holders with Sugru.

Step 1: Step 1 - Bill of Materials

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Parts Needed:
  • Sugru
  • Small magnets - I used some small rectangular magnets, make sure that they are powerful.
  • Straw

Step 2: Cut Straw to 1/2" Lengths

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The piece of straw allows us to mold the Sugru around it and create a good shape for the cable to go through.

I cut mine to 1/2" to match the long side of the rectangular magnet. You may need to modify your size based on the size magnet that you have chosen.

Step 3: Mold Sugru Around the Magnet

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Sugru is great as an adhesive.
  1. Roll it into a ball
  2. Press on all sides until a cube is formed
  3. Insert magnet into Sugru and knead it until you have a nice thin border around the magnet

Step 4: Insert Piece of Straw

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At the opposite side of the magnet, put the straw into the Sugru and knead it around the straw to form the cable holder

Step 5: Let Sugru Dry and Enjoy Your Cable Holder

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Sugru starts to set after a few minutes, but it does take a few hours to completely dry.

Once it has dried, cut out the straw. Next time I do this, I will use some talc around the straw. The Sugru stuck to the straw and this made cutting it out difficult.

If you created a little bridge at the top of the holder, just use some scissors and cut it open.


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