Introduction: Magnetic Sugru LED Throwie

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This is a simple intstructable showing how to construct a Magnetic LED Throwie with Sugru style.  You will need; Sugru, LED, small magnet, 2 color coded jumper wires (male-female), button cell battery, and tape.

Step 1: Assembly

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Take your button cell battery and attach your color coded jumper wire leads with tape.  I like to use black for the negative side and red for the positive.  Now securely tape your magnet to your wire and battery assembly.

Step 2: Add Sugru

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Take your sugru and use it to completely enclose the battery and magnet.  This forms the protective coating for our throwie.  Make sure to mold it around the wires to help water resistance.

Step 3: Attach LED, Stick and Enjoy.

Picture of Attach LED, Stick and Enjoy.

After waiting overnight for your sugru to cure, attach your LED.  The long leg of the LED is positive.  It's the bent leg in the picture.  Now stick your LED throwie to some metal and enjoy.


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