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Introduction: Magnetic Tool Tower

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Loosing your tools? Cluttering your desk with 12 different screwdrivers? Then you need the Tool Tower.  Tool Tower uses space age technology to hold your tools out of the way of your work space, but easy to access!

Step 1: Supplies

What you need:
Hard Drive Magnets (i used about 12)

Step 2: Build the Tower

First you want to build the tower. I chose 2 2x2 pieces i had laying around. I glued them together with some gorilla glue and clamped them for about 2 hours.

Step 3: Admire the Monolith

Once the glue has dried, admire your work. I chose an artsy design to make it interesting.

Step 4: Screw in the Hard Drive Magnets

Using the drill and some screws attach the hard drive magnets. I used about 4 per side.

Step 5: And You're Done!

That's about it, pretty easy! You can always add more magnets as needed.

Hope you can use this quick tool organizer!



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    I really like your use of the magnets.

    I like it; I like anything that will organize my tools.

    These magnets are awesomely strength!

    The idea is good, but note that sometimes magnetized screwdrivers or tweezers are very annoying.

    BTW, I am anti-anti-anti! ;)

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    I am NOT!!! on the other hand you can get antimagnetized....;))

    It is called degaussed. I actually have a tool degausser. You DO NOT want twist bits magnetized if you are drilling ferrous metals! Though I do use a magnet on my mill to hold its chuck to it. See if you can find the electrical box being held up by a magnet in this picture:

    BTW my degausser is behind the motor on the mill against the wall.


    I can't view your link, Imageshack demands register before, but I don't want do it.

    Strange I never heard of that. Thanks for letting me know I'll find another hosting service that doesn't.

    Is there any way you could use ball bearings to make the top portion rotate. I'm thinking this would be cool to modify with metal and magnets to hold notes, etc on your desk.

    Great idea! I'm a woodworker though and you should never glue end grain to end grain. The way the wood cells are aligned it makes for a very weak joint and polyurethane glue is inherently about 1/2 as strong as PVA glues, so if this were dropped on the floor it would probably fall apart! If you have to glue end grain to end grain strengthen it first with some steel rods or holes filled with epoxy....

    you could have just drilled holes in the wood at an angle keep them more organized and yes rimar2000 , magnetic pliers are annoying , i use a little tweeter magnets for screws ........................... To Each His Own !!