Magnetic Wireless Charging Hack to Any Smartphone for Free !!!





Introduction: Magnetic Wireless Charging Hack to Any Smartphone for Free !!!

About: Ideas Into Reality !

Let's Make any smartphone or old cheap phone wireless charging compatible with this hack with just 4 magnets ! Absolutely free of cost to make with homemade things you have right now !

Smartphones are getting smarter in every aspect but the charging it with a cable still feels like the world is stone age ! so today we will take any old cheap phone into a wireless charging cellphone Just Place it on your desk and there it goes charging !

So lets get started !

Watch me Doing This Hack Here

Step 1: Get Your Hand Busy !

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Buy Neodymium Magnets

1. First, open your cellphone carefully

2. Safely remove the battery and other components

3. Then connect Your charger and identify the polarities of micro-usb port

4. Use the soldering iron with the smallest tip to solder red wire to positive and black wire to negative (This is Important Step )

5. Now confirm the connections are done properly with using multimeter

Step 2: More Work to Do !

1. Take out the wires you just soldered

2. Fit your phone "Like a Boss !"

3. Mark two holes according to size of your magnets

4. Now drill a small hole on to the back panel of a phone ,with a dremel tool

5. scissors can be helpful to make hole larger

6. Solder Wires on to the magnet with diffrent poles But Don't put your soldering iron for too long otherwise magnets will be useless

7. Make sure magnets work good

8. You can almost make it as flat as your back panel

9. Now hot glues two magnets to your desk in right polarity and keep some wire to move freely

Step 3: Magnets Attract ! What's More...

Un-like poles of magnet attracts each other so if we solder wires to a magnet , we will get a wireless charging connector which automatically engages when cellphone comes in vicinity !

Next, You can integrate this feature into your power bank so just put your phone near power bank & Get it to charging !

Step 4: Keep in Mind !

Magnets attract any metallic piece so if your desk is filled with all kind of metalic stuff be careful it may short circuit the charger

Manufacturer Warranty will be void on your device

Anyways its fun and useful Hack.

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    I appreciate the experimental spirit. But i must call you out on the very naive and shortsighted assumptions you have made. The recent coverage of the Samsung battery fires should serve as a warning about the energy potential these compact and powerful batteries have. Samsung got it wrong TWICE with the original and the replacements and their resources for test far exceeds yours.

    My 2 cents about this Instructable... I know cellphones very well, working for a big phone manufacturer for almost 10 years; telecom engineer for more than 20 years. First, cutting back a cover may cut one or more phone's antennas, as you may find them there printed inside the cover for WiFi, BT, NFC and even from an eventually existing wireless charging system... I've also read people warns about accidental short-circuits and they're right, very likely to happen, but my real warning is about SAR (specific absorption rate), which is the radiation from the cellphone that is absorbed by human body. Any change (and I mean ANY) you make in a cellphone could potentially change the radiation but including metal parts, magnetic or not, in the cellphone will certainly change it dramatically. You might be creating kind of a tunnel of radiation concentrating the way out in two points: the magnetos external ends. While inside your pocket it might concentrate radiation in these two points potentially exceeding the cancer-safe limits recommended by the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection - an organ linked to the United Nations Organization). Besides, microwaves may burn your inner flesh layers, where there's no nerve endings to feel pain. While original cellphones are reported safe to these two effects, any mod on them may (and will) change radiation path. This is really serious so I firmly advise you not to promote this kind of changes in a cellphone, otherwise you're assuming a serious risk of getting cancer or maybe burn part of your body without feeling pain.Believe me, this is really dangerous... My 2 cents... :)

    7 replies

    Can you suggest a way to test the safety? People are still going to do projects like this. Maybe you can make an instructable on how to safely make changes to a smartphone.

    What a coincidence I just got only has negative things to say, and doesn't suggest any other possibilities or safety advice.

    Safty is for the weak... oxygen is for the losers... and sleep is for the poor... go for it. There are things you think are impossible because that's what they taught you... if you learn anything it's to pass on the knowledge to your kids, anf their kids, and their kids. Cremember... "Compation with Evidences". Don't follow unless you've walked the path alone. This guy probably works for them.

    Actually no... SAR testing is something too complex to be done outside high level labs and costs thousands of dollars. As an example, if a company manufacture a cellphone it has to be tested. If a headphone is provided with the phone, the lab will test twice, with and without the headphone connected. Same for cover and any other accessory. A headphone is something used outside the cellphone, can you imagine the impact of changing something inside it, in special if you're adding metallic components? In short, there's no easy (and cheap) way to find out the impacts of changes in a cellphone without those expensive tests. Sorry... ;)

    But if SAR is already happening then whats the point of not doing it already? Besides, if this was possoble how much would you think these companies pay to keep me quite?

    interesting... but no risk no fun?

    If your definition of "fun" includes the risk of getting cancer, starting a fire or having your inside flesh being burnt, this mod could be fun. Mine definition is way different... But trying it is up to you. Have fun, get safe! :)

    Great idea but,
    won't the magnet damage the phone? corrupt data? vibration and other magnet sensitive parts

    4 replies

    The phone itself has magnets in it. The speaker, the motor for the 'vibrate' function. As for data corruption, no. You're thinking of magnetic-media storage devices, like spinning-disk hard drives, floppy drives, and tape drives. Phones use flash memory which is not magnetic in nature and therefore not affected by normal magnetic fields.

    the phone as some magntic components. But not random stuff put in random places.
    It will effect also your wifi-phone signal. For example.
    And. what happen if u short circuit the 2 magnet with something metallic? ( like a coin, that is attracted to them? )
    What happen to a magnet whit a current flow?
    etc etc etc

    I agree that randomly installing certain items would probably hinder the phone's operation. I was mostly addressing concerns about data storage.

    While this is largely true, I imagine any compass functionality would be ruined since the magnetic field from the magnets would interfere with readings of the earth's magnetic field.

    More importantly, this is very easy to short which could cause problems.

    and As last thing


    3 replies

    But there are no wires therefore it is wireless

    the wires are connected to the table and in the phone itself

    But there are wires!

    They just look like round magnets so you think they arent wires...

    But they are...

    Anyway if u'r opening the case and soldering, why not solder a wireless coil reciever?

    I'm glad I learned how to solder wires wirelessly.

    1 reply

    yea exactly! this is not a wireless system. please consider how your phone could short circuit easily and people don't have money to just throw it around like that. \sure im gonna go and stuff up my phone and go buy a new one for like $400

    if you have ever played a Wii (used to play it when i was younger) there are chargers that would have this panel and if you lined the remote up correctly with the place outlined, the remote would start charging, using the same idea would be really cool to create a charger that could actually work using wireless.