Picture of Magnetic chuck wrench Holder (Drill Press)
2014-06-28 18.29.06.jpg

Hello Instructables, I've recently purchased a new bench top drill press. After unboxing it and setting it up I noticed it didn't have a spot for the chuck wrench, so I created my own.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
  • Drill Press
  • Magnet ( I got mine from old hard drives.)
  • 5 minute epoxy
  • Mixing utensil ( I used a Q-tip.)
  • Scrap piece of wood to mix the epoxy on.

Step 2: Determine Where To Mount The Magnet.

Picture of Determine Where To Mount The Magnet.
2014-06-28 18.30.08.jpg
2014-06-28 18.30.56.jpg

Find an Appropriate spot for the magnet so It will not interfere with any moving parts.

Step 3: Mix The Epoxy

Picture of Mix The Epoxy
2014-06-28 18.32.20.jpg
2014-06-28 18.32.32.jpg
2014-06-28 18.32.56.jpg

Mix the two part epoxy together, Then apply to the magnet.

I should have cut the cotton off the Q-tip beforehand.

Step 4: Add The Magnet.

Picture of Add The Magnet.
2014-06-28 18.33.57.jpg
2014-06-28 18.34.14.jpg

Quickly add the magnet to the desired area. I used a second magnet to help hold the glued one in place.

Let the epoxy harden, I used 5 minute epoxy.

Step 5: Remove The Extra Magnet.

Picture of Remove The Extra Magnet.

I let it harden for about 15 minutes before removing the front magnet.

Step 6: Done, Now Add The Chuck Wrench.

Picture of Done, Now Add The Chuck Wrench.
2014-06-28 21.24.22.jpg
2014-06-28 21.24.28.jpg
2014-06-28 21.24.45.jpg

Finished I think it will work very well, The hard drive magnet is very strong so the wrench shouldn't come off while drilling.

As Always Thanks for looking.

veeguy1 year ago

You've been peeping in my shop window, haven't you?

pfred21 year ago

I use a broken magnet from a speaker to hold my chuck to my milling machine when I am not using it. I've been doing it for years. So far I have never known the chuck to fall off of the magnet. So it works here.

pTEARgriffin (author)  pfred21 year ago

Good to hear, Thanks for the comment.

neo716651 year ago
I have mine on one of those retractable key chains (heavy duty ones with a chain). Took the belt clip off and bolted it to the top of the drill press. Pull it out, use it, and it rewinds back out of the way.
pTEARgriffin (author)  neo716651 year ago

Thats a great Idea.

great idea...