What is the problem?
Well, I must admit that I am one of those persons who are thinking that their pictures need to be displayed to the view of other but who can't take a decision on which one of them.

As I am part of the 1% wealthiest living being, I decided that photo paper was not good enough. Thus when I print my artwork, I go for the full dibond, acrylate monty. But this is still not good enough, so I want to frame them. With consideration for the victims of the crisis, I decided to cut my frame budget drastically by using only one for multiple pictures.

What is the mission?
- I want to display my pictures
- I want to avoid driving to a well know swedish shop to ruin myself in poor quality frames for each of my pictures
- I don't know what I want to see and how long I want to see it
- I need something able to handle 5mm of high tech material on top of a glass
- I want to see embarrassment in the feminine audience when I start explaining the story of this project as an ice breaker during a party

What do you need?
- A frame of good taste that is certainly not a 100µm thin sheet of white wood wrapped around and MDF formaldehyde sponge.
- An adhesive vinyl magnetic sheet 
- An adhesive vinyl metal sheet
- A picture of an empty NYC underground wagon
- A picture of a former german steel factory

Total cost of the project:
- Equivalent time/salary of 0,003ms of M. Zuckerberg, mostly for the sheets.
- 30mn of your life
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