Introduction: Magnetic Headphones

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The purpose of this instructable is to modify my headphones in order to handle better the 10ft audio cable. 

Step 1: Material

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  • some donut-shaped magnets
  • super glue
  • headphones
  • scissors

Step 2: Cut the Audio Cable

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Simply, do not need more explanation. The difficult part is to fix what you've cutted :)

Step 3: Add Magnets

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  • Divide the length of the audio cable by the number of magnets
  • The resulting distance will be used as a distance between magnets
  • Place one magnet at a time and fix it to the cable with superglue
NOTE: Wait the glue to dry before proceed with the next magnet or you will finish with two magnets glued together

Step 4: Rewire the Audio Cable

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This part should be simple. Just rewire the cable following the colors of the little wires inside the audio cable.

Then your headphones should be ready.... mine does not working.

Thank to instructable user Soksume and others, I manage to fix my problems.
Actually the rewiring is not that straightforward.

You need to first burn the tiny plastic cover of each wire with a lighter, then wire toghether the wires following the color code.

After that TRY the headphones to be sure that they works.

If it is all ok (I needed 2 or 3 try to have the wiring working fine), use tape to isolate the wires. 

I also applied a tip of hot glue to keep the cable together.

If you want you can also use some heat-shrinkable plastic cover (see in the photos)

Step 5: Plug and Listen

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Enjoy your favorite music!


alectrolytes (author)2010-08-22

Magnets disrupt electrical flow causing your headphone signals to jumble before reaching your ears :\

well whats the most leathal device you can think of in the hospital?... its the cat scan, has 10x the radiation as a chest its got a lot of power,, now becouse you know that now think of the big deal they make when asking if you have any medal on you so i am now debating your theory that magnetism disrupts the flow, if any thing i would genarate and increase the flow while organizing the energy in a fashion towards such an organized flow that i would eventually compress togethor forming the equivalent to an example of e=mc squared

Daxuto (author)hipydude20012012-09-26

You do realize that, ahem, sound is not a constant flow, and would not be amplified by magnets, even if they did amplify electricity. Magnetism, at most, would soften the flow, giving possibly a very slight resistance to the flow of electricity, not necessarily disrupting it. Magnets relate to the directions of electrons in atoms, not the flow. Trying to compare a small supermagnet to a CAT scan, and linking this somehow to E=MC^2, when you have false information regarding such a simple thing as magnets and electricity, seems like you're really trying too hard to make some point and sound knowledgeable about it. Sorry, brah, truth is spoken. Now, no intention to be mean, my only goal is to prevent unknowing people from accidentally believing this as fact, and arguing these points blindly, as it seems you have. Peace~

derte84 (author)Daxuto2012-09-28

Actually, I tried to put some magnets close to a nice set of headphones and the result is that the volume decreases

Lance Mt. (author)hipydude20012012-01-10

No but even if it did work like that, it would then jumble the signal, then speed it up resulting in a lag in sound every few milliseconds. You just don't use magnets with analogue wires.

bigredlevy (author)alectrolytes2010-08-22

although, technically the magnets would need to be moving past each other to create an electric field, i agree with you. if you were walking around with the headphones on, that might be enough movement to disturb the electric current. it would be more practical to use a velcro strap of some kind. full marks to the op for lateral thinking, though.

alectrolytes (author)bigredlevy2010-08-22

even still i think it messes up flowing electric current. like when you put a magnet on top of your tv when it's on. props for the op though :D would definitely be interested in organizing some headphone cables

my gramps had a tv shop and what the magnets do to the tv is it offsets an electric mechanism, alls the teck has to do to fix it is straiten it back up buddie almost throught away a perfectly good tv becouse of that...

derte84 (author)alectrolytes2010-08-23

with TV is different because you deflect the electron's ray

hey do you know how to make structured water????? i know that its eithor positeve or negative ,and neg being done with a pyramid some how or what ever that means......

good concept though, just not practical

hipydude2001 (author)2010-10-16

well ,for 9 dollers i was able to get a cordless headset that seems to work great with all my devices...its not blue tueth,and are unsure of how it emits to the headphones,but thats what it is called . An "emitter" ,id take a pic but dont know how this works and am not going to try to but it might save you guys a lot of time/moeny to just get these wireless headphones...and they go up to 50 feet, got them from biglots...sentry..ho700, ow there not comfy?

ok well i just pluged a walkie talky into the emitter and its comming through to the headphones??????????????

kyismaster (author)2010-09-30

Genius! i have the same problem, except im not sure the magnets will fit on my figure 8 cable :/

derte84 (author)kyismaster2010-10-01

I bought the magnets frm a website tha for some more money will produce the magnets with the size you give them

kyismaster (author)derte842010-10-01

ok, thanks. ill see how annoyed i get at my headphones first,

aabhash (author)2010-08-28

what does this addition of magnets to headphone do technical? just disrupt electrical signals to get jumbled audio?

derte84 (author)aabhash2010-08-28

Headphones just works fine, no difference.

junits15 (author)2010-08-24

seems like an awkward solution

Soksume (author)2010-08-22

there is a coding on the wire take a lighter to the wire briefly to burn it off then solder your colors for it to look real nice put some heat shrink on it or electrical tape will work hope that helps

derte84 (author)Soksume2010-08-23

Burning the wires just worked! YOU DESERVE THE PATCH ! (also for the speed of the response) As soon as possible I will design the patch and send to you; then I'll update the instructable

derte84 (author)derte842010-08-23

Patch sent, congrats :) You can see it on your profile

Soksume (author)derte842010-08-23

ooooo great design good job

Soksume (author)derte842010-08-23

Thank you im glad everything worked out for you

jeff-o (author)derte842010-08-23

Aha, so it was an open circuit! Glad you found out what the problem was. :)

Jag126 (author)Soksume2010-08-22

Maybe it depends on the coating but I've tried burning the stuff (lacquer/varnish) off and haven't had it work. Instead try a fine grain sandpaper and rub/sand the coating off the wire where you need to solder.

darknessfalls (author)2010-08-22

im no expert (by any means) but i think it may be when you reconnected the wires one or more of them may not have been "secured" well enough... but the magnet thing is believable too...

jeff-o (author)2010-08-22

Well, your headphones are either shorted or open. Do you have a multimeter?

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