Step 2: Tracing Holes and Drilling

Picture of Tracing Holes and Drilling
 I took the template that I made and used a felt tip pen to draw my guide holes. These don't need to be perfect, just general guides for where to place your magnets.

I used the burr setting on my Dremel in order to make short, shallow holes wide enough for the magnets and deep enough for the magnets to lay flush once they're glued.
drubinder2 years ago
what about using magnetic paint for them to stick to instead of going through the trouble of all this or larger square magnets glued to the shelf's underside?
garrett.tillman (author)  drubinder2 years ago
Hey there,

Magnetic paint is too weak for the jars + spices. It's better for binding things against a wall rather than suspending them.

Larger square magnets would work, as would a large piece of sheet metal (steel or the like) screwed onto or epoxied to the underside of the cabinet or shelf.

I liked the flush look and the absolute certainty that these puppies would stick to one another, which is why i counter-sank the neodymium magnets into the wood and epoxied them in.