Introduction: Magnetic Waterproof Lamp

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This lamp have a magnetic part (from PC HARD DISK) have possibility to use it in different usage like

on the bike,on the helmet bike or scooter,on the car.......camping,fishing,forest, have a choice....

Step 1: Parts You Needed

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a old led lamp,pvc tube,a switch,wire,a container for the lamp,caoutchouc from bike well,latex gloves,some fantasy......

Step 2:

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i put all electronics parts in a pvc tube and i closed it with glue and caoutchouc.....a wire connect the switch

in another small pvc tube......

all parts are waterproof.....

Step 3: The Switch

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Step 4:

24 led smd,3.4 watts, 12 volt.....

thank's to watch......


cwright15 (author)2015-06-12

Wish I paid more attention in electrical engineering..

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