Like most unfinished basements, mine has several support post which generally just get in the way.

This simple and inexpensive project makes basement posts more useful by magnetically attaching small part bins.

I believe repurposing a magnetic tool holder as a small parts bin mounting bracket is an unique idea (see photos).

Step 1: Parts and Tools


one each unless otherwise noted

18 in. Magnetic Tool Holder

(4x) 2" x 5" Protection Plates

(4x) Stackable Red Bin

JB Weld Epoxy

Optional - black spray paint


Hammer and pliers

(4x) Small Spring Clips

Dremel with plastic cut-off wheel

Hand held or bench grinder

Metric ruler and combination square

Silver and black Sharpie markers

<p>That's an awesome way to use the space and get way more storage in the room :)</p>

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