I always have a multi-tool on my belt at work. Problem is, after a year or so the Velcro closing tab loses its "stickiness". My solution is to use the powerful magnets from an old hard drive to replace the Velcro on the flap. With the flap closed the magnet sticks securely through the holster to the metal multi-tool within.

Items needed:
Your old non-sticky multi-tool pouch
A dead or obsolete hard drive
Small piece (less than 3" square) of tough fabric like denim, canvas, or heavy cotton

Flathead screwdriver
Appropriate Phillips or Torx drivers for opening hard drive
Vice grips, pliers, and/or bench vice
Razor knife
Sewing machine or hand sewing equipment

Safety: Mind the scissors and needles, don't poke a screwdriver through your hand, careful using the razor knife. The magnets retrieved from hard drives can be very powerful. They can snap your fingers, destroy CRT monitors, erase precious data on your hard drives, memory cards, and credit cards. If you don't have the right tools or skill set to attempt this project, please don't.

Step 1: Hard Drive Opening

Here we dissect a hard drive to remove its powerful rare earth magnets. This is an old 1 Gb hard drive donated by my buddy in the IT department at work. I trip over old hard drives at work, you may need to be more creative. Try your IT department at work, go to the repair center at you local computer retailer, dumpster dive, just try and get one for FREE. No reason to spend even $5 on a hard drive your just going to destroy.
Skip the holster part, make a loop on your belt for a rare earth magnet and stick the letherman directly to the magnet<br />
make it into a wristband and use it to hold screws
not bad, especially since i have solid piece of metal called a leatherman Wave :P. So, just need to stich a rare earth metal to the inside of a piece of canvas pouch, and just stick the thing on the other side, Since my leatherman pounch is still holding one (super thick leather) i might hold out on this for now.
Most, but not all, drives come with a pair of rare-earth magnets. To up the strength of a magnet/concentrate the field, it may help to place a piece of ferrous metal on the non-business side of it. A variation on this instructable - one that I've used - is to sew such a magnet into the waistband of your jeans (or whatever you wear when carrying your multi-tool or analogue). One drive magnet should do to hold most any LeatherMan, SAK, or bicycle multi-tool, etc.. And you don't really need the pouch/holster anymore; the tool is immediately available - just slide it off of the waistband - and easily, blindly replaced - just let go of it within an inch of the magnet and it gets sorted out... You can put the other magnet of the pair into a different pair of pants, of course, or put it some other purpose.
nice- did something similar a few weeks ago, basicaly stiched a HDD magnet to the inside of a canves belt, holds my leatherman perfectly, and i'll never lose that screwdriver again either! lol well done
you forgot one step... putting the hard drive back together and sending it to the companie for repair, lol. nice project but it isnt good for people that go in the woods with a compass because a magnet will disturb the compass. thanks for the idea.
At first I didn't get that the magnet was going to be attracted to the tool inside the pouch, rather than a piece of metal or something to replace the 'other' side of the Velcro. But now I get it! What a clever idea. I might be lame, though, and just try a fridge magnet. :-)
Thanks, I did a little edit to the intro so hopefully the goal is a little clearer from the start. I don't think a fridge magnet will be strong enough. You could try, just don't sew it in all the way in until your satisfied. Don't miss out on the fun of tearing apart a hard drive, the magnets are very impressive.

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