Step 5: Remove magnets from backing plates

Picture of Remove magnets from backing plates
The goal in this step is to bend the backing plate the magnets are glued to. Whether you use two vice grips as pictured, one end in a vice and one plier, or a channel lock and vice grip, is up to you and your tool chest.

Do NOT heat the magnet to loosen the glue, as heating magnets to the temp required to loosen glue causes them to lose there magnetism. Do NOT try and chisel them off, the magnets are brittle and will crumble to bits (sticky bits, all over your screwdriver).

The only other method that worked for me was to pinch the base horizontally in a vice with the magnet face up. Using a large pair of channel locks layed flat to grip the outside edges of the magnet I rotated in a circular motion.

If you have well glued thin magnets, they may break, if the pieces are big enough the project may still work. If not, go find a different brand junk drive and start over.