My little girl loves to play with magnets while standing next to the fridge, so I decided to make her a bunch with a travel magnet board so she can play with them on the go!  This toy has come in handy multiple times - in the car, at church, at graduations, etc.  It is easy to stow and keeps her entertained for a long time!

I also can use the travel magnetic board as a dry erase board for when my little girl gets a little bit older.

Step 1: Magnet Supplies

First I bought some wooden animals at Hobby Lobby for the magnets.  These pre-painted animals couldn't be cuter! They even have fuzzy noses (and in the tiger's case stripes) which makes them extra fun for my 1 year old to play with. Each one was only 66 cents.
There were a ton to choose from...I didn't even buy 1/2 of the selection.
Great idea! A lot of thought put in!
If you are worried about your child eating the magnets you can buy sheets of magnet paper at any craft store. I think it's much cheaper than buying magnet pieces anyway, but this is a great idea! Thank you so much. I have been thinking of making something like this for each of my children. Great idea!!
NOT enough photos of putting this together... I can't quite make out the instructions... Steps 4 and 5 are VERY CONFUSING... so even though at first I seemed excited... these directions leave me wary of trying!
Lovely magnets toys!!!!!!!!!!:)
Congrats!!!! Nice to see you in the finalists!!!
Fantastic Idea! Great job. I may have to give something like this a go. I'll be sure to heed momjan's warning though.
Be VERY CAREFUL using these type, or any smallish magnets around kids!!!!! I remember reading an article a few years ago where a young child near Seatte DIED after chewing on some toys (erector type construction pieces) that had magnets in them. At least two of the magnets dislodged and he swallowed them. Not too bad - they should travel through his system and out, right? NO, the polar ends of the magnets attracted each other in his intestines and folded the intestines in half, causing a blockage and he DIED. The doctors didn't know at the time he had swallowed any magnets so hadn't been checking for any intestinal blockages. So, your best bet it to cut a slightly larger piece of felt or fabric and then perhaps glue the magnet to the article, cover the magnet with the extra piece of fabric and sew all around the edges so you have enclosed it in a box.
Very cool!

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