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Electromagnetic Floater style
This Instructable will show you how to make a device that can float almost any object with a magnet in it. It is much like the floating globes you can buy, except it works by balancing the forces of...
Diamagnetic Levitation Experiment style
Magnetic levitation is really fun to experiment with, and can make a great science fair project. However, it's hard to get dramatic results--the problem goes back to Earnshaw's theorem from 1842. He p...
Cheap and simple bottle cap magnets! style
Extra bottle caps lying around? Need a quick way to display 'em? Just need a few more fridge magnets? A quick, cheap, and simple way to turn your extra bottle caps into simple yet cool fridge magnets....
Magnetic Key style
The goal of this project was to make a wind-up doll key for a Halloween costume, which would rotate at a reasonable speed. I also wanted to make it so that the key could be attached to an hidden harne...
This is just an idea I had a while back. Instead of using springs for a set of scales I thought permanent magnets might do the trick. Unfortunately I didnt think about the properties of magnets, the m...
Magnetic Rubik's Dice Cube style
This project is a modified version of gfixler's Magnetic Acrylic Rubik's Cube, and uses red translucent dice instead of clear acrylic cubes. I give credit for the dice idea to ella and andyholloway, ...
Magnetic Earrings style
Tacky costume jewellery suddenly becomes cool when you make it yourself.
Magnetic Acrylic Rubik's Cube style
27 3/4" clear acrylic cubes are drilled with 108 3/16" holes, fitted with 108 D32 neodymium disc magnets with proper polarities facing out from each, and assembled into a size-matched magnetic version...
Magnetic Spice Rack style
I love to cook and, as such, I have a huge collection of spices.  About a year ago I got tired of having to dig through my pile of spice jars to find the one I was looking for, so I decided to change ...
Mechanical Rail Accelerator - Non-electromagnet
There's been all sorts of coil guns and rail guns being posted... but here's an interesting alternative. Not really useful, but amusing and effictive as a physics demo. The concept? Conservation of mo...
3D Magnetic Field Viewer style
My job takes me to various research labs to install powerful magnetic systems and to train techs how to use them. This time I needed a magnetic field viewer to show lines of force. This instructable w...
Make a magnet sculpture style
Build this magnet sculpture and experience the magic of rare earth magnets firsthand. Two powerful NdFeB magnets attract each other making it appear as if the cube on the cord is levitating.You can g...
Magnetic Key holder style
I did this keyholder initially as a birthday present for a friend, but I really liked the design so I ended up making one for myself. The design is based on a magnetic connection between a small magne...
Magnetic key holder style
Until now, I lost my keys in home very soon and that was a big problem for me! I knew there is a shape called key holder, but never I try to buy that. Last week, I found a easy, cheap and pretty way ...
magnetic silly putty style
Thinking Putty (also known as Silly Putty) is a silicone polymer children's toy. Silly putty is fun because it has some unique properties: it is viscoelastic, meaning it can be stretched and shaped an...
Magnetic Levitation Sculpture style
This project is entered in the Epilog challenge! If you like it, please vote for my project above!  If you like it, but don't have the laser access or don't want to do the casting, you can back my ki...
Simple Telegraph Key and Sounder style
A while ago I built a telegraph machine and was amazed by the simplicity and the joy obtained from pounding out my name hundreds of times.  When I saw that the weekly challenge was magnet themed, I kn...
Magnetic Globe Knot style
A globe knot is very similar to a monkey fist but instead of 6 sides it has 18 sides. In this guide ill be making a 18sided globe knot with a 3/4in Neodymium magnetic sphere as the center. What this w...
how to make a reed switch style
how to make a sample magnetic sensor on the cheap materials : 1 match box 2 paper clib 2 wires 1 piece of foil tabe a small circuit for test 
Magnetic screen repair / decoration style
Magnetic screen repair / decoration - This item can be used for screen repair or hanging decoration on you door or window screen. Can be any size and also any subject matter such as Support, Sports, R...
fish-magnet style
how to make an amazing fish magnet out of paper macheee
The Guy's Hanger style
Around here it's still hot but with Fall right around the corner again it's almost time to break out the light jacket for those chilly mornings, around my house it's also time for my wife to complain ...
The Magbot pendulum style
I really like BEAM bots ( http://www.beam-wiki.org/wiki/Main_Page ) because the electronic circuits are relatively simple so you can focus on the looks of your bot.One of my favourite types is the Mag...
Strong Electromagnet From An Old Transformer style
This is a very strong electromagnet made out of an old transformer. The materials used are recycled from transformers and motors. This magnet can lift over 30lbs (14kg) <br&a...
Customizable magnet style
This is a really nice and easy project that any person can do. It barely takes any time, but yet they last a very long time, and they always look fantastic. Plus, you can stick them on your fridge, wh...
How to make a magnetic fish tank cleaner style
I recently got a fish tank that has lots of fish in it. Sooner or later its gonna get dirty.Those commercially sold fish tank cleaners are expensive. So why not make one?