Picture of Magni Loupe Holder
Many times I have felt the need to use a magniloupe, magnifying glass whatever you want to call it. Some times it was to work on the innards of a wrist watch or some tiny gadget, but mostly I need it to extract a splinter from under my skin or some one else's. It's awkward holding a magnifying glass while trying to dig for that splinter with a sewing needle, especially if it's your own hand that has the splinter.
I found this method for affixing the magniloupe to my reading glasses very helpful. 
FYI, in case you don't have a magniloupe, you can get one at an electronic store. Thats where I got mine. 

Step 1: Parts Required

Picture of Parts Required
1. Reading glasses or just non-prescription glasses. Bi-focals won't work very well. You can get a pair of reading or non-prescrition glasses at most dollar stores.
2. Magni Loupe
3. Rubber band
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u da man. Thanks