Magno-Sniffer (Magnetic Sniffer Probe Whistler Thing Using A Hall Effect Sensor)


Step 5: Schematic

Picture of Schematic
I drew this from looking at the finished sniffer that I built a couple years ago. I hope it's right.

C1 - .01uF (sets pitch, larger value = lower pitch)
R1 - 100k (also sets pitch, larger value = lower pitch)
R2 - 10k or so
R3 - 22k (or 2 10k's in series)
R4 - 10k
C2 & C3 0.1uF but not critical, probably anything 0.01uF to 1uF would work.
prank8 years ago
I really like how you threw the 7805 into the schematic--I always hate having to look up which leads are power and ground, Tres cool, dude