Picture of  Magnum modification
Killerk,s Magnum is a great gun but unless you have a grey cap on the end of the piece that you are trying to fire it will fall inside the gun ,or with a cap it will fall out of the end of the gun ,with this mod you can fire knex pieces with out any mods on the projectile.
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Step 1: These are the parts you will need .

Picture of These are the parts you will need .

Step 2: Connecting holders

Picture of connecting holders
connect the black stub to the white rod.

Step 3: Putting secondary holders on

Picture of Putting secondary holders on
1 magnum with out 1st or 2cnd holders
2 Make this
3 Squeeze it together
4 attach it like so

Step 4: Making the piece that holds your projectile

Picture of Making the piece that holds your projectile
1 get as many small ruberbands as you think will need (you can adjust it later)
2 rap them round the black piece so that you get a flat area for the projectile to hold onto
3 place it here it will not click just sit there

Step 5: Connecting 1st holders

Picture of Connecting  1st holders
1 connect the white rods to the place shown
2 turn the rods in to hold the black connector
3 here is a movie of how it does not fall out (my editing software is not working so i could not edit it)
awesome mod but i NEED to know is there any way to add just a magazine plzz notify me i really want to know thanks : )
oodalumps8 years ago
Why does this happen with all of KILLERK's guns... So many "modifications".
They're really simple and effective, so I guess people want something to set their own apart.
true. with my modifications i just did what i thought would improve it more. like i added a stock to help hold it steady and aim, and i added a barrel to make it more accurate. i even changed the ammunition type so i could use the barrel. check it out.
can you send me a pic of the stock?
check out my instructables. if you dont find it there then tell me and i will remake it. (really easy)
ok. here is the deal. The magnum is a great gun, but you people need to stop copying and make up your own!
gunnerguy7 years ago
y dos evryone like killerk so much
ashchetm7 years ago
dunno, but ive got 2 instrutables comeing up, i posted this here cuz one of them is my magnum, that i moded to shoot the fireing ram from the gun, it is a simple mod, but gettin it right is tricky, also ive got this morter thing that is kinda entertaining
shadow be quite

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sorry mepain, ive never been a good speller, so yeah...