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Hello there this is my Magpul M4 CQB it has some nice features on it like a retractable stock, a mag release, a force grip, a rear flip sight, and overall the gun so i hope you guys will like this and stay truned what i will build next


Kona-chan (author)2015-05-28

still nice
im going to make it in a few minutes and then im going to add my (just freshly made) underbarrel chainsaw and i might replace the stock with either a m16 one of a folding one :)

Kona-chan (author)2013-12-23

hey bro, nice gun, if ya have the time, try to rebuild it and post it if ya wanna,
cuz i really like this pretty lady

TLF93 (author)Kona-chan2014-07-02

I did rebuild it, now its better than it was before but its gonna be post at the end of the year cause I'm really busy this year

Kona-chan (author)TLF932014-07-03

end of the year? D: that's so far away ;n;

TLF93 (author)Kona-chan2014-07-04

ik it is but ill try to make time for it so it might come out early then end of the year

Kona-chan (author)TLF932014-07-07


TLF93 (author)Kona-chan2014-07-09

i just got a great idea for my next build its gonna double barrel AR-15 after i post my M4A1 Assault Rifle with Attachments (Build)

Kona-chan (author)TLF932014-07-10

A double barrel? holy cow

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-08-03

Looks good!

TLF93 (author)sandroknexmaster2013-08-03


hunter999 (author)2013-07-26

Nice, whats the range?

TLF93 (author)hunter9992013-07-26

it doesnt shoot

hunter999 (author)TLF932013-07-27

But I see elastic bands???

TLF93 (author)hunter9992013-07-27

its for the stock and trigger and mag release

hunter999 (author)TLF932013-07-27

Oh. Good job anyways! =D

TLF93 (author)hunter9992013-07-27


TLF93 (author)2013-07-26

sorry i wont b cause i have a gun in mind that i really want to make so bad and plus its like half gone now

That... is... FANTASTIC! Amazing job bro, totally favorited it!

Yes me too!!

thanks man

I would agree with BM that you should get it to shoot, and you should make the mag a 5.56 mag, not a 7.62 mag.

DarkOwlProductions (author)2013-07-26

Nice. Quite the cute little assault rifle you got there. Two goods guns in a row and no sign of decreasing in quality? You've got my subscription. :3 (And vote.)

Johnhall14 (author)2013-07-25

Nice, mag is a little bit to long(not the height) as the 5.56 or 223 round is only around 58mm's and your mag is around 76mm's.

TLF93 (author)2013-07-25


nerfrocketeer (author)2013-07-25


TLF93 (author)nerfrocketeer2013-07-25


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