Hey guys. Well, this is the version two of my Magpul Masada. The first version was posted, but that was not good enough, so I am going to/have/will delete that and start afresh. (XD, I'm just copying and pasting from what I wrote last now) The way this gun came about is kinda interesting. I was making a Magpul Masada, with help from a pic or two of the original gun, and a pic of my ISSC MK22 RR. I kinda gave up, but continued to make the ACR that I was building, in hopes that it might be "post worthy." Well, I finished it...and it came out looking like a Magpul Masada...kinda funny actually. Well, that is a lesson learned: "Never give up - until you do..."

Looks good
Feels awesome
Kinda heavy (this could be a pro or a con)
Good range: 50 ft.
35 1/2 in. long
Has true trigger
Comfortable cheek rest
Comfortable handle
Comfortable stock

Uses quite a few broken rods (3 connecter length)
Mag is kinda long (piece consuming)
Gun is VERY piece consuming (it used almost all of my green rods)
Uses broken pieces (it just happened that I had these on hand)

Tell me what you think. I love the gun for what it is, and it is a ton of fun to hold. This gun shoots well, both mag and muzzle loaded, and is quite accurate (both in looks and in shooting ability). BTW, does anyone have an internal mag pusher for that type of mag? Hmmm...................

 - The Red Book of Westmarch
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Sorry bro (at least I thin you are a guy) this gun is long gone. =(
16lundgcodm2 years ago
For a mag pusher you could use a bunch of mechanical pencil springs glued together (like a real mag), but great gun
True, I could do that...
Thanks. I am glad you like it. =D This is one of my favorites too.
uuuggggghhhhh 3rd comment i know but anyway- you can use a spring for internal mag
No. If he's going to use something like that for his magazine, then it would make sense to use a flexi rod, not a spring.
Yup...springs are kinda...well...unorthodox.
Yeah, I agree. Springs would not be the best suggestion for a k'nex magazine. Even if you could find a small enough spring that would work for k'nex magazines, you'd still run into problems.
how? like i said-i use them all the time
Yup. :-)
your kidding right? i use springs all the time in my mags with no problem
i use springs in my mags all the time
I don't see how it's even possible.... :-/
Just don't.......sorry.
ok whatevs :P
Blue Mullet2 years ago
Something about that magazine makes me disliking the rest of the gun. Oh well it looks great and it seems like you've put forth a good amount of effort. Good job!
O.K., thanks man.
and i think you should post this
Actually, I'm working on a Magpul PDR...The Masada is dismantled.
i thought u already made one of those
Well, yes, but it was not very good. In fact, I gave up the PDR, and am now just scrambling for concepts.
uuggghhh ok ..... fine
knexmatrix2 years ago
Dude, your kinda to late. I took this apart like 5 days ago.
SumRndmGuy2 years ago
the handle and mag are just a little too long
Oh my word. Seriously? Wow. I think they are correct, considering the size of the gun. :-)
First notation i dont agree with at all
didexo2 years ago
Dislike the mag........
Lol well I guess I shouldn't talk, I'm horrible at them.
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