Hey guys! (Finally!) This is the 'ible for my Magpul PDR! Follow the pics, and have fun watching the video and building the gun!

Step 1: The Main Body

Just follow the pics, and look at them for any extra tags.

Step 2: Extras and Mag(s)

Again, just follow the pics!

Step 3: Done! Rate, Comment, and Sub!

Now your done! Go and watch my video 'ible on this gun, and love it! Also, give me some feedback as to what you want to see in other videos...

Its alright but definitely look weird.
nice mag idea!
nice! <br>and what a cute little holo sight <br>(WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME, I KEEP SAYING CUTE D: D: D: )
Ummm... I need some help with the rubberbanding. I cant get the trigger to work because theres no rubber band to push the trigger block up.
Look at step two, pic three...That should help...
The gun is ok but the instructions are amazing
What do you mean...?
Very few instructables have this type of photo quality and detail and your gun is awesome, i might make and mod it myself
Ok..yeah, I used my moms $1,000 camera!
yes, it looks nice, lol im serious about building
Do we need all the broken pieces?
Well, most of them, maybe not all of them, which ones were you thinking about?
this is epic cant wait to build it
Hope you do! And thanks bro!
Wait a sec, this thing is breech loading?
Yes, yes it is.

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Bio: K'NEX gun builder here at Instructables. More or less retired from the community, but I still pop in now and again.
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