Introduction: Magpul PDR (Video)

Hey guys, this is the video for my Magpul PDR. I hope you enjoy it! Sorry for some of the weird editing issues and stuff, but I am new to the video editing program that I used.

The video on YouTube:


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TheAwesomestDude (author)2012-10-23

This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You really think so...? Sweet!


Thanks bro...anything I could improve on?

Again, i know i"ve already told you this, but, use a black rod and this will add range dont ask why, just try it out and see which is better or worse

I was gonna take your advice, but then I could not find my only black rod, so I did not use it...I found it this morning, and plan on using it in upcoming 'ibles.

i would heartily suggest buying at least 2-3 more. the way i (and i believe almost everyone else) see it, the amount of black rods i have is the number of pin guns i can have simultaneously at any given time. for that reason, having only one black rod could be very annoying. once you see how much better and more capable black rods are than grey rods as pins, you'll have a hard time building guns with grey rod pins again. so like i said, i would advise buying some more.

i bought 7 lol

i originally had 1, but then i realized i needed more, especially since i ordered a lot more pieces at some point, so i got 10. lol


SYMEN (author)TheAwesomestDude2012-11-01

Lol, I have more than 100 black rods. I also have like 70 or 80 tan rods. Love your gun in the video. It looks nice. I also like how you made a handle with a thumb hole. I think it adds something personal. :)

metalsonic (author)SYMEN2013-06-03

where do you get black rods any way ?
because i only have 6 .

Sharir1701 (author)metalsonic2013-06-04

6 should be enough, but if you wanted more you could always go on or the slightly more expensive or if you wanted to, search on eBay, but that's not as reliable... I would suggest

100 black rods! How many could you possibly need? LOL, thanks bro, finally, people are starting to like my guns! I started out with two subscribers, but now I have 31! I have yet to gain subs from:
Senior Waffleman
and sharir1701

Once I get those subs, I will be happy. But, with out those subs, it drives me to make better and better guns. :-)

I got sharir1701 :D

Same here. I also got one from Blue Mullet 2 / KnexGurl.

Not him :(

I think I have Blue Mullet.

Lol, that's just how many I have. If you're going to be building firing pin guns, then will need black rods. Now I'm going to be searching for some clear rods. Did you know that the clear or translucent white rods are harder to find on Ebay than the black ones are? Whenever I'm on there buying k'nex I never see any.

I also have a bunch of rare k'nex pieces like caramel colored connectors and metallic gold rods XD.I started out with 0 followers and ended up with 5 when I posted a topic.Go figure. I assure you that you'll get more followers as you go along. I've decided to change up my pin gun. I'm turning it into a rail gun now,just so you know. And the space bar just messed up on my keyboard. That was random.....

LOL, those tricky space bars, ya love 'em, ya hate 'em, I both 'em. XD Well, I consider buying more K'NEX all the time, but I don't have a job, nor an allowance, so it is not always just as easy as ordering stuff off Ebay. I wish I had a job, so I could buy more...*is thinking.*

K'NEX on Ebay are soooooooooo cheap though. A bag/lot of 200 green rods is like $5 US dollars. And sometimes, you can find huge lots, of like 300 K'NEX for less than $20 US dollars with free shipping! Epic, says I. Translucent rods? Yeah, I never see them on Ebay, well, not "never," but not very often. Why would you need translucent rods, Symen?

I don't have any "rare" K'NEX pieces, but I do have quite a few. When people ask me "how many K'NEX pieces do you have?" I usually answer with "I have enough to build one of Senior Waffelman's SCAR-L's, and that's about it." And that is close to the truth. Lets say that SW's SCAR-L uses up 400 -450 pieces, and I build it, I have plenty of pieces left, but hardly any green rods left. Maybe 5 - 10.

I have 31followers, and as I said,I just need four more followers (stated above), to die happy! LOL.

Lol, seriously. It looked like somebody got mad and punched the keyboard and smashed the space bar in. I fixed it though. I don't have a job either, but I do know how to get fast money easily. Let's just say that it's so easy, I could literally spend all day doing it making a few hundred dollars. It's that simple.

That's not entirely true. If you buy a bunch of k'nex pieces and keep buying them, the money adds up quickly. You're probably talking about those bright colored k'nex aren't you? Yeah the bright ones are probably cheap, but The metallic k'nex pieces are usually more expensive. that's what I always buy with my money. Not too long ago, I got like more than 500 of those black colored green rods for $10. I just wanted those clear rods because I heard a rumor going around Ibles that they might be stronger than the black rods I have.

I don't really build guns like assault rifles or snipers.I built someone's rifle one time, it worked fine aside from suckish range. I'm more drawn to building high powered k'nex guns like TR's or NAR's. The types of guns that you don't point at people, especially if they're loaded with fin ammo.

LOL, I see. Well, I don't know if I even want more K'NEX, as I am quite happy with what I have. Oh, that is interesting, I never thought that the translucent rods would be stronger...hmm. So your not a model builder? That's fine by me, we have lots of model builders (my self included). XD

XD. Yeah, I'm not entirely fond of non-working k'nex gun replicas or models that are just made to sit on your shelf and look pretty. But I do admit they seem to have their place in the k'nex community. I've seen quite a few models that look really nice. Lol, I guess I'm just a raw power k'nex gun maniac. So to speak anyway. Sorry for the late reply though, I got caught up in some stuff here in the past 2 days. Lol, what is up with this space bar? It's messed up again, great.... >_>

Neither am I. I have been brainwashed into thinking that K'NEX guns must shoot to be cool. Well, at least I know I'm brainwashed. XD

I like raw power guns too, but I have never made one...*is sad.* People think that all of KnexGurls guns are the best ever, but I am always cautious as to weather they: 1) actually work well, 2) if they only look good on the one side (because if you notice, none of here guns show more than one side per 'ible ...O.o), and 3) why she does not post an 'ibel if the gun is soooooo awesome (she also brags O.o).

As to the late reply, no problem, life is life. STUPID SPACE BAR! XD

Yeah! Stupid space bar!! XD. I swear if I ever get a better working keyboard for this computer I'm going to chuck this old one into the trash can. It's either that or I'll give it away to someone I know in person who may need a computer key board one day. You never know what fate awaits you. I've got to post instructions for my gun at some point so I can get more followers(hopefully). I may post on my birthday since it's just right around corner. I really hope you'll build it once I post. I'd like that.

Yup, well, as I have said before: "You win some, you lose some, and you can't win them all."

I would like to build your gun, but I must finish my REAL M21, and then I am gonna make a performance gun called "The TUB." XD

TUB? Yeah I've already taken internal pictures of my gun so that other people can build it once I get an instructable posted. I took like nearly 200 pictures of it. XD

Great! I cannot wait to see your gun! TUB = Totally Ugly Box...XD
*Pashaw,* only 200 pics? My PDR alone has almost 200, and my P90 has more than that. You are so lame...XD

lol, I'm not lame! I am awesome! The instructions might be hard to follow because I was in a bit of a hurry to take the pictures with the only camera I have. 200 pics is not all I would take. It's just all that I took for the moment, I have to take more, when I get an ible posted I'm going to have to tag it as "incomplete" because even though I got pictures taken of the handle, vertical foregrip,stock,main body,trigger mechanism, and main barrel I still have to take pictures of the three front end mechs that are removable and interchangeable which are: TR-18, Oodammo magazine, and the shotgun shell, pictures of the guns assembly and banding it, and then loading and firing. And even then the gun doesn't go finished without pictures of mods. So, by then it will be a total of 300-350 pictures before I would say I'm done. I'm probably going to post on my birthday, its only like a month and 5 days away. Okay, this space-bar is annoying me now. XD

Well, as an intermediate K'NEXer (trust me people, I'm not a nOOB XD ) let me give you some advice. First take the whole left side of the gun, and take a picture of that, then, one by one, place the internals in and take a picture, in this way, it is not at all confusing, and if works well when it comes to K'NEX 'ibles. If you don't get what I am saying, just go to my P90 and see how I did that 'ible. Do you have a YouTube account, cause if you don't, I suggest you get one. It will help people believe you when you say that you get 300 ft. with your gun. Man, your spacebar is dumb! XD

Well, it's not like I was moving around when I took the pictures. It doesn't work that way with my gun(s), more than likely I'm going to build other guns entirely from scratch and show them off here on ibles. Are you familiar with M16 A4 assault rifles being field-stripped by gun experts? That's pretty much how my guns will work. It works by taking out the pins( in this case the pins are metallic silver rods) that holds the gun together. When the pins aren't there to support the guns structural integrity, the gun comes apart with ease. Do you understand what I'm trying to say now? I can't be bothered to get a YouTube account. Besides, videos never proved anything with k'nex. Usually if people did videos showing how powerful their gun is or how far it shot, other people would assume they faked it. Trust me, I've known this site and have visited it often since New Year's Eve back in 2007, I think I would know that it's a lot easier to fake a video than it is to fake a picture, especially since we have all this newer, better technology coming out. Think about what I'm saying this way: With a video, you can have a green screen, editing software, a computer to use such said software, and a motive to fake video footage. With a picture you just have photo shop, which doesn't even look legit half the time and people can usually tell it's fake because they can tell a difference between a photo shopped image and a real image. If I was going to fake that I got my gun to shoot 300 ft., it would mean that killerk lied about his turret rifle shooting 350-450 ft. w/ 7 # 64's and red/gold rods w/ scotch tape fins. Do me a favor and type KILLERK like it is in the "search" bar and either read his posts or build one of his guns so that you and other people can believe me when I say that certain k'nex guns can be made to shoot 300 ft. and over. Nah, it's not dumb, the keyboard has a design flaw and the space-bar is tempermental. XD. We're running this joke to the ground, aren't we?

TheAwesomestDude (author)SYMEN2012-11-02

what no way and btw i didnt make it

SYMEN (author)TheAwesomestDude2012-11-03

Lol, dude, that wasn't meant to be a joke. I really do have that many black/tan rods.Okay I just counted them: I currently have 107 black rods, and around 86 tan rods. Same here, I didn't build it either

TheAwesomestDude (author)SYMEN2012-11-04

your post: I also like how you made a handle with a thumb hole.

i did not do anything with this

SYMEN (author)TheAwesomestDude2012-11-04


LOL, I usually have only one gun around anyways, because I like to throw all my pieces into something great, but thanks for the advice!

OK!! sounds great!!!!

Sharir1701 (author)2012-10-23

looks good. there's a lot of power loss in your setup though. and i don't get the point of posting an entire 'ible for the video if you're posting it after you already posted instructions. you asked me if i had any tips about the video itself, i'm not much of a person to speak, but i think you should try talking a bit slower. other than that, like i said, looks good.

Well, as to the posting an entire 'ible after I had posted an entire 'ible on how to build the gun...It's a really long story. Thanks for your comment about me talking too fast, I am a speech and debater, so it comes naturally. In debate, you only have 8 min to talk about a certain topic, and often times you must talk fast to get said all you want said...LOL, yeah.

oh, yeah i know, i have a friend with the same problem. he's in debate, and he talks so damn fast it really pisses me off sometimes.

Really, wow, debaters are really all around the world!

yeah. what did you think?

AUG-5OM3 (author)2012-10-23

You really sound like a nephew of mine :) It's a good video I'll see if I get around building it sometime soon (after the contest I'm in full progress) I had an idea for it by combining your version with mine. That would be awesome.
(breech + regular mag)

My voice sounds high-pitched in the video (for some weird reason), but it is lower in real life...XD
Really, you might build it...Wow, that make three!
A gun that has a mag and a breach loading device sounds cool, but it would be somewhat difficult.

Your voice didn't sound that high-pitched in the video to me, btw my nephew is 17 so it wasn't meant as an insult :P and for the mag: I thought I could try using logicboy's bizon it has a mag + breech.

Oh, ok...XD I was wondering about that... :D The bizon...hmmm never heard of it...

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