Magpul PDR (Video)





Introduction: Magpul PDR (Video)

Hey guys, this is the video for my Magpul PDR. I hope you enjoy it! Sorry for some of the weird editing issues and stuff, but I am new to the video editing program that I used.

The video on YouTube:



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    Again, i know i"ve already told you this, but, use a black rod and this will add range dont ask why, just try it out and see which is better or worse

    I was gonna take your advice, but then I could not find my only black rod, so I did not use it...I found it this morning, and plan on using it in upcoming 'ibles.

    i would heartily suggest buying at least 2-3 more. the way i (and i believe almost everyone else) see it, the amount of black rods i have is the number of pin guns i can have simultaneously at any given time. for that reason, having only one black rod could be very annoying. once you see how much better and more capable black rods are than grey rods as pins, you'll have a hard time building guns with grey rod pins again. so like i said, i would advise buying some more.

    i originally had 1, but then i realized i needed more, especially since i ordered a lot more pieces at some point, so i got 10. lol