Would be much... MUCH... easier to build if it wasn't posted in gallery form and had steps.
Yeah sorry, well at least I posted it. I will try to make better ones in the future.
this is cool
Thanks you going to build it?
sorry, no, i'm working on a halo DMR right now
the new one
Hey guys do you like the version of instructables?
I build it. Thanks! 4.9* lol
Thanks do you like it?
yes i like it very cool gun!!
Thanks happy to post :)
Why in the world did you double post lol?
It did it by itself lol.
lol, okay then.
I'm serious lol.
lol, I know you are. I think that's just weird that the instructable would double post itself like that. You should try to fix it sometime.
still looking incredibly nice. i might use a similar setup of the chambering part of the trigger for a lever action i'm working on. very nice, keep up the good work.
Thanks, sounds great :)
Why do the instructions repeat itself? Thats never happened before.

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