Mahalaxmi,Indian Goddess of Wealth





Introduction: Mahalaxmi,Indian Goddess of Wealth

Mahalaxmi is the goddess of wealth and beauty in Hinduism.

Step 1: Materials Used.

  • 1. Clay of different colors.
  • 2. Basic Tools for moldings /shaping.
  • 3. Talcum Powder for polishing the clay
  • 4. Bottle to create structure
  • 5. Decorative Accessories like beads for necklace and crown.

Step 2: Basic Structure of Head and Crown

  1. Take 1 Glass Bottle of square shape
  2. Apply the clay to create mouth and crown
  3. With the help of tools give it shape of human face.
  4. Polish the surface of clay for smoothness.

Step 3: Forehead Design

  1. Create forehead with the yellow clay
  2. Design Bindi of any shape on forehead using red clay.
  3. Apply eyes
  4. Apply powder for smothness

Step 4: Crown and Jwellery

  1. Apply beads to crown
  2. Create necklace of beads
  3. Beads are pressed into clay to remain intact.

Step 5: Background of Crown

  1. Create buds and leaves with colorful clays
  2. Use tools for different design on buds
  3. Create at least 20 buds for decorating background

Step 6: Buds at the Background

  1. Attach buds to head to decorate crown
  2. Use pins to attach buds.

Step 7: Mahalaxmi:- Indian Goddess of Wealth

Mahalaxmi, Goddess of wealth In India.



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    foarte frumos ... cultura indiană este foarte frumos :)

    i would love to c more art by u♡♡♡♡

    would love to c more art from u♡♡♡♡


    Its good to see some art which reminds me from my last visit to India.

    nice,intelligent presentation,we,the worshippers of laxmi,heartfuly thank you.

    This is completely gorgeous. The Indian culture is so interesting and beautiful!

    voted! its amazing. indian culture is just so colorful, im pakistani though