Mahmel's Shell-ejecting K'nex Gun





Introduction: Mahmel's Shell-ejecting K'nex Gun

Hello, this is my shell-ejecting knex gun. The gun looks different from other guns but I think it's pretty cool. It has a pretty good range, about 50/60 feet.

It ejects shells
Comfy front hand hold,handle and stock

Uses a block trigger

Step 1: The Body and Barrel Pt.1

Please read all notes.

Step 2: The Body and Barrel Pt.2

Please read all notes.

Step 3: The Magazine

The hardest step. Please read all notes.

Step 4: The Stock

Not a very hard step. You don't have to use all the 48 blue spacers if you don't want it. Sorry was too lazy to take it fully apart. The pictures 2/3/4 are the same. You have to build of 3 them.

Step 5: Front Hand Hold

Please read all notes.

Step 6: Where to Put the Elastics/rubber Bands

Please make sure you read all the notes carefully. The last 3 pictures are the same rubber band.

Step 7: How to Load and Fire

Pull the ram rod back, load the magazine (Normal version holds 3 bullets). Aim and shoot, pull the trigger back and push the red rod up (picture 2). The 'shell' will fall out. Push up the rod fast, otherwise two bullets will fall out (Becouse of the magazine pusher).



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    Yeah, but perhaps you can use grey connectors. There are better sheel-magazines, though

    thanks i dont like to decapitate pieces

    You know, the black ball-and-socket joint pieces are just like a "decapitated" orange piece.

    Never mind.:)

    That's the one word you post in comments for instructables way too often,XD

    Its not very original, and has been done a lot of times before, but first gun its a good job.

    5 replies

    Ok thanks.

    I love it (which is good because i do not love many things)

    Thanks, what do you especially love about it?

    Its very comfortable and gets good range for me, plus it doesn't eat up parts. i removed the stock though

    Ah okay, glad you built it!

    Hahaa okay, I'll explain:
    you siad 'cool!'
    I said: Do you think? :p (because I think it has been done a lot of times, it doesn't look very good, etc.)
    And then we said some things we don't understand :D

    Ugh, the instructable I guess?
    I think I didn't understand you :D

    Do you think? :P


    no prob!