Step 4: The Stock

Not a very hard step. You don't have to use all the 48 blue spacers if you don't want it. Sorry was too lazy to take it fully apart. The pictures 2/3/4 are the same. You have to build of 3 them.
<p>Great job!</p>
do you have yo decapitate the orange connectors
Yeah, but perhaps you can use grey connectors. There are better sheel-magazines, though
thanks i dont like to decapitate pieces
You know, the black ball-and-socket joint pieces are just like a &quot;decapitated&quot; orange piece.
Its not very original, and has been done a lot of times before, but first gun its a good job.
Ok thanks.
I love it (which is good because i do not love many things)
Thanks, what do you especially love about it?
Its very comfortable and gets good range for me, plus it doesn't eat up parts. i removed the stock though
Ah okay, glad you built it!
not bad!
no prob!

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