Maille and Plate Leg Armour





Introduction: Maille and Plate Leg Armour

Here is My new leg armour. I opted not to make an instructable for them since they just use a continuation of the techniques in my Maille and Plates Armour instructable.

These are made from 1-1/4" pallet banding again, however i used 9mm flattened wedge rivet rings for the maille(meaning that i had to rivet EVERY ring shut) and a dished 16 gauge knee cop. all the buckles and fittings are hand made as well from 3/4" pallet banding and nails.



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    yep, I 've used it for heavy as well as cut and thrust, lately it's just been used for rebated steel fighting in the back yard though.

    First of all, this is awesome. very inspiring. I'm thinking of making some using the material used in gutters, I think it's tin? Would that work alright?

    you could use tin but its super weak and will break easily if u dont get the right kind i know this cause i was building a new shed since i ran out of room in my dads barn and had to put wood underneath it to keep it sturdy.

    I have always wanted to make something like this, though I was going to cut up soup cans to get the plates and had no clue what to do for the knee :P

    I know it has sharp edges (and if you're planning on LARPing or anything SCA-related this is a baaaad idea, since it really can't take a hit) but you could try using aluminium flashing coil? It's pretty cheap and looks shiny (hence "flashing"), but if it's for only display/hallowe'en/cosplay, you could use it. Just make sure you sand down the edges and curve them a bit so there aren't sharp points. Getting cut with flashing coil hurts >.<

    Good luck!

    nice armor, lover the chain mail also

    The reason the plates under lap is for being on horseback. If the plates overlapped the armor would not do much and piercing tools would pass under the armor. This way is glances off.

    Very nice armor.

    wow, i'm making chainmail and it is taking me forever, i watch all the vids on it and, there rings they use are almost twice as big as mine! i think thats why it taking me longer, but then more protective, hmmm

    oh i used 14 gauge wire steel galv, not sissy 16 gauged, and i heard of a guy who made "bulletproof" chainmail with 8 gauged wire.

    i also make dragonscale to supplement my armour, like a layover

    im from the midwest! children of the corn!

    Riveted maille is a pain - thank goodness it was only for seams :D Great project!