How to convert old computer mainboard into stylish wall clock?

Step 1: Parts & Tools


old mainboard (best is Micro-ATX format in rectangle shape)

quartz clock movement kit (ebay, aliexpress)

picture hanging hook



soldering iron and desoldering tool or wire cutters


Step 2: Preparing Mainboard

In this step we need to remove protruding elements like capacitors, chipset radiators etc.

I have desoldered capacitors and removed radiators.

The last task in this step is drill hole in the middle for clock axis (in most cases 8mm, but the diameter may be different for another clock movement).

Step 3: Assembly

Mount the clock movement using nut. Mount hanging hook. I used the picture frame hanging hook from local store.

Step 4: What Time Is It?

Really funny and nice idea m8,tnx ;)

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