Make 3D Model of Cardboard

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Introduction: Make 3D Model of Cardboard

This instructables shows how make the 3D model out of cardboard in 3 easy steps.If you like it hit the vote button on the top.


  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Glue


  • Computer With 123D Make Software
  • Printer
  • Utility knife

123D Make Download link

Step 1: Slicing 3D Model

Import the 3D model to 123D Make Software. Find manufacturer settings and set it to A4 or something else that's fits your printer. Select units and size. Chose construction technique that benefits the shape. Play with the Software and you will learn it in minutes.

Step 2: Cutting

Press get plans and then print. Take the prints ant glue them on card bord take the utility knife and begin to cut.

Step 3: Assembly

If the model is complex you can use the assembly steps in 123D make to get an animation of the assembly. Use glue to make the model permanent. A cote of color can be added as a final touch.



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